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I like running and jumping and football and... er... all sports really.

—Aerobic Al

Aerobic Al one of Henry's close friends and he is a sporty and fit boy in Henry's class. He is the fastest person in Ashton Primary School, the second being Moody Margaret. Aerobic Al is also the tallest in his class. As a result of this, he rejects eating sweets when he's training or practising for a running or sports competition (although he says it's because his dad won't let him eat them).

When Henry offered Al a yummy gummy fuzzball in Horrid Henry's Sports Day, he couldn't resist, as they are his favourite kind of sweets. He has also been known to be bent to 'debag' Henry as revenge for his debagging. He has a Black Country accent and is one of Henry's friends. He is a member of the Purple Hand Gang.

He sits next to Sour Susan in Miss Battle-Axe's class, and has a habit of question both 'Cool!' and 'Not cool?'.

Wayne Forester voices him.


Physical appearance

Al has pale skin and blonde hair.


He wears a white T-shirt, blue shorts, and cyan shoes.


Fitness: Aerobic Al is the fittest boy in class. He is always active and fit.

Speed and Reflexes: Al is, by far, the fastest boy in the school, since he wins most running races. He is also very agile.

Karate: Al loves karate as seen in some episodes.

Football: Al is good at playing football and possibly better than Margaret.

Sports: Al is very skilful at playing sports.

Swimming: Al can swim very well.

Music: Al can play the keyboard and plays in Henry's band, The Zero Zombies.

Purple Hand Gang

It appears that Al is a member of the Purple Hand Gang, especially in the movie.



Al is one of Henry's best friends, doing things such as chumming him to detention just to keep him company (Horrid Henry and the Detention Club), and he is standing up to Moody Margaret when she uses quotes from Shakespeare to beat Henry in a battle to see who has the best insults (Horrid Henry and the Game Changer). Henry also seems to be generous to Al for offering him sweets. Al is also a member of the Purple Hand Gang and therefore, he supports him and spends a lot of his time with him. He is one of Henry's best friends.

Despite this, Henry can be his usual cheeky self with Al, debagging him for fun, as seen in Horrid Henry's Underpants as Henry pulled Al's trousers down in one of the flashbacks, revealing Al’s long, sporty blue boxer shorts.


Al and Bert are best friends as their parents send them to the same clubs like karate or taking them to summer camp and they are both members of the Purple Hand Gang.


Al and Ralph are friends. They do karate together and they are both members of the Purple Hand Gang.


He appears to have a friendship with Gorgeous Gurinder. They are seen together most of the time and hardly ever conflict.


Al is determined, courageous and outgoing. He is slightly obsessed with fitness, and will usually reject junk food like in Horrid Henry's Birthday. From Series 4, he tends to become confused about what is considered 'cool'; he will label something as such and subsequently ask for reassurance ('is that/it cool?').


  • Greedy Graham and Al are opposites. Despite this, they have a good friendship.
  • Al is probably just as good at football as Margaret is.
  • In Horrid Henry Goes Gross, it proves that Al is a Purple Hand Gang member in the TV series.
  • In Horrid Henry, Nothing But The Truth, it proves that Al is Henry's friend.
  • Al is skilled in Karate more than anyone else.
  • His name might be a pun of the adjective 'Aerobical'.
  • In Horrid Henry Looks at Love, Al has a crush on Margaret.
  • He speaks with a Brummie accent, implying that he is from Birmingham or a nearby Midlands city/town.
  • In Series 5 in the episode Horrid Henry's Class Action, Henry tells Al and the rest of his friends that Stuck-Up Steve is coming to his school for a day as Rich Aunt Ruby has a conference to attend and Al was screaming, 'Noooo!!!' along with the others, and it slightly shows that Stuck-Up Steve is Al's enemy after hearing about his stinginess and how him and Henry are enemies.
  • Moody Margaret is possibly Al's love interest.
  • He owns a pet monkey, which is revealed in Horrid Henry’s pet sitting service.
  • He has the shortest name in the entire show, with only two letters (Al).
  • In the movie, he looks almost identical to his animated self in the show, and speaks with a Black Country accent, just like in the show.
  • It is highly likely that Al and Bert beat The Brick House Boys in almost every school sports competition in the past and they’re most likely enemies with them.


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