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Anxious Andrew is a boy in Henry's class with anxiety issues. He normally hangs around with Weepy William, another boy he met who then became his best friend. He was the only friend he could make in this school. He had a big part in the episode Horrid Henry's School Play. In this episode, he had a big part to play the king of fairies. However, his place was taken over by Henry when Andrew forgot most of his lines on the last bit. He also has some part in Horrid Henry Goes Swimming when Henry tells him about the shark that escaped from the aquarium.

He sits next to Singing Soraya in class.

Sue Elliott-Nicholls voices him.


Physical appearance

Andrew has ginger-brown hair and pale skin. He has rosy cheeks.


He wears a pale green shirt, a green jumper-vest, blue-grey trousers, and brown shoes.


He is scared of a lot of things. He is scared to talk because he has anxiety and is best friends with Weepy William.


He is once seen with his parents in an episode Horrid Henry's Happy Family, but he is never spoken. It is unknown what his parents do.


Anxious Andrew's best friend is Weepy William since they hang out together a lot and have nearly the same moods. Andrew also is friends with Brainy Brian as seen in Horrid Henry Computer Whizz since they both appear to have intelligence. Andrew has also seen friends with Greedy Graham since they hang out a lot, probably more than he does with Weepy William. He also appears to have a friendship with Jolly Josh and even is seen hanging out with Horrid Henry and Rude Ralph at times.

He gets along with girls such as Singing Soraya and Sour Susan in some episodes. In Horrid Henry's Petsitting Service, it is stated he is friends with Perfect Peter since he is watching Andrew's pet stick insects. They may be friends either because Tidy Ted, who is one of his best friends, is Andrew's younger brother or he needs help, and Peter is there for him since he has a lot of anxiety.


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