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'Uh... I dunno!' - Beefy Bert

Beefy Bert is a boy in Henry's class. He is a member of the Purple Hand Gang, loyal to Henry, and the drummer in the Zero Zombies. He is best known for when Miss Battle-Axe asks a question; Bert replies with his usual motto, 'I dunno.', followed by an intellectual answer from someone else. He commonly sits next to Gorgeous Gurinder in class.

He is not particularly smart.

Wayne Forester voices him.


Physical appearance

Bert appears to have pale skin and brown hair.


He wears a blue jacket with a yellow shirt underneath, brown trousers, and white trainers.

Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats/Horrid Henry Gets the Gig

He appears to wear a cardboard robot suit.


He is mighty and does not know anything at all, as he always says, 'I dunno'. He is quite unintelligent and clueless.



  • In the Series 1 - 2 opening intro, his hair's blonde. However, this is fixed in the Series 3 intro.


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