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Not to be confused with Big Boss, his book series counterpart.

Big Bob (also known as Bob, Bossy Bob, Mr Bob or Bob Sir) is Dad's work boss. He's also the father of Bossy Bill. Bob owns a big company called Tingly Toothbrushes. He's very strict towards Dad and does not give him a break as Dad isn't in his house often. He speaks with a Scouse accent, and Aidan Cook voices him.

He's appeared once in the books and multiple times in the TV series. His book appearance was in Horrid Henry Goes to Work. He appeared in the TV episode of the following story. After Bill embarrassed him in front of his entire company by photocopying his bottom, Bob sent Bill home that day and was furious with him. He thought he'd been harsh on Henry.

In Horrid Henry's Heist, he looks like a larger version of Bossy Bill rather than himself.

In Horrid Henry Helps Out, he was impressed with Henry's letter.


Physical appearance

Bob has black shining hair and pale skin.


He wears a black suit jacket with a white collar, a light-pink shirt underneath and a pink tie with green stripes. He also wears black trousers, black shoes and a gold watch.

Perfect Peter's Perfect Day

He wears a dark blue suit with a light-yellow shirt underneath, blue and pink stripe tie. He wears dark blue trousers and brown shoes. He also has dark burgundy hair.


Big Bob runs a tight ship at Tingly Toothbrushes. He likes everything being done on time. But when Horrid Henry steps in his path, he seems to like him at first. However, Bob starts to get annoyed when Henry puts tomato ketchup in the workers' tea and squirts Bill with toothpaste after transforming into an octopus, before dad calls, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!' Bob firmly tells Henry that his behaviour was totally unacceptable, and if he was his actual boss, he would be sacked (what Bob didn't know was that Bill was tricking Henry). After that, Henry makes Bill photocopy his bottom when Bob storms in with Dad, who smiles at one of the pictures of his Boss's son's bottom. Bob gets furious with Bill, telling him to go home and that he'd deal with him later. After this, Bob realises Henry's innocence and in order to make it up to him he lets Henry play computer games on a work PC. Bob seems to be quite bigoted as well, as he believes Henry will get a job at his company like his father. But he likely wants Henry to work for him as he seems to think Henry is a great kid, who is intelligent and obsessed with things being fair, equal and right.


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