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Bossy Bill is Bob's son, and he appears to be a horrible, lazy boy. He speaks with a Scouse accent, so he may be from Liverpool.

He now attends Brick House School along with Stuck-Up Steve and The Brick House Boys after getting bullied by Henry and Peter in Ashton Primary School, which was supposed to be his permanent school.

Joanna Ruiz voices him.


Physical appearance

Bill has black shining hair and pale skin.


He wears a black business suit just like his dad, a tie with pink and green stripes, belt, black trousers, and black shoes. He looks like a younger version of Bob, who he comes to work with in Horrid Henry Goes to Work.

Perfect Peter's Perfect Day

He is similar to his dad. He wears a dark blue suit, blue and pink stripe tie, blue trousers, and brown shoes. He also has dark burgundy hair.


Bossy Bill is very bossy and likes to boss people around. He also says bad things about people, especially Henry such as in Horrid Henry Goes To Work, where he lied to Big Bob that Henry put mustard and ketchup and he spilled the toothpaste. Also, such as in Horrid Henry Tells the Truth, he also partners Margaret in publishing the news that Henry stole her mobile mirror. He is mean, annoying and lazy. The person who he likes to boss around more is Horrid Henry in Horrid Henry Goes to Work. He also believes that people who are not rich like him are his slaves, and he clearly likes to treat the Middle or Lower class badly. This may be why Bill took an instant dislike to Henry, as he was from a Middle class background, while Bill is wealthy, spoiled and upper class.


The adaption of Horrid Henry Goes to Work follows most of the book plot, except the phone answering business was replaced by toothpaste packing; Bill sped up the conveyor belt and caused toothpaste tubes to go everywhere and tricked Henry into spraying him with toothpaste. Also, instead of informing Bob that Bill was in trouble, Henry turned a CCTV camera around to face Bill and everyone saw it. He was sent home after his dad scolded him.

A short parody of Horrid Henry's Arch Enemy was seen in the episode, Perfect Peter Pumps Up. In this episode, Bill was visiting the school for a few days and he made Perfect Peter be his friend. He started treating Peter like a slave and made him do everything. When Peter tried to stand up to Bill, he dumped Peter upside down in the bin. With this, Henry tried to make Peter tougher but failed, until he realized the only way to make Peter vicious. The next day in the canteen, Henry showed Bill Peter's bunny which he took it and ridiculed Peter. This made Peter furious and it resulted in him beating up Bill. Peter then used him as a chair and Henry poured milk on Bill's hair with Bill knowing that he's going to continue getting bullied by Henry and Peter if he stays at Ashton Primary School, which is why he moved schools.


  • In Horrid Henry's Heist, although Bill doesn't appear, his dad does, and strangely, looks like a larger version of Bill rather than himself.
  • In Horrid Henry Says Goodbye, he and his dad attended Henry's family's farewell party.
  • His latest appearance is in Series 4, Horrid Henry Helps Out in a flashback, photocopying his bottom.
  • In Horrid Henry Tells the Truth, it is mentioned that Margaret told Bill to write all those bad stuff about Henry as the paper it appears that it was written by Bill (he didn't appear in this episode).
  • In the audiobooks, Bill and his dad have an American accent whereas in the TV show, they have Scouse accents.
  • In Perfect Peter Pumps Up, it appears that Bill doesn't like the Best Boys as he scared them away. The next day, he saw Peter with Spotless Sam. He told him to get lost as he was in his way when Bill wanted to take Peter away from him and use him. Bill suspects that Peter, Gordon, Ted and Sam must have been saying rude things about him behind his back.
  • In Horrid Henry Tells the Truth, he figures out that Henry and Margaret are enemies and chose to be on Margaret's side since she told him to help her write those bad stuff about Henry and as Bill still wanted revenge on Henry.
  • It appears that Bossy Bill likes Boodle Poodles as Bob mentioned in Horrid Henry Helps Out.
  • It is possible that Bill’s teacher at school is Mr Nerdon (just like how Miss Battle-Axe is Henry’s).

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