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Brainy Brian is a boy in Henry's class who is often regarded as being very clever. He is good friends with Weepy William and Anxious Andrew as they appear to be quite clever like him and he is a friend of Henry's.

Brian often helps Henry with his plans and answers scientific questions and corrects people when he believes they are wrong. He also appears to loves reading books, studying and even doing homework, and other academic studies out of school.

Brainy Brian sits next to Weepy William in class.

Aidan Cook voices him.


Physical appearance

Brian has spiky brownish black hair and dark skin. He is African.


He wears blue glasses, a pink short-sleeved shirt with a blue pen in his pocket, green floral short trousers, and white and blue trainers.


His mother was mentioned in Horrid Henry, Money Talks, which implies that she is while not strict requires her son to get the perfect grades and that Moody Margaret said she would tell his mum that he cheated on his last piece of homework to spend more time reading. Also in the short film, Horrid Henry's Wild Weekend, Brian mentioned that on the Weekend in the film he was attempting to make a self-driving car with his mum, this seems that his mum is very intelligent like him.


Intelligence: Brian is very intelligent and appears to have the potential of a scientist.


  • Brainy Brian is most likely smarter than Clever Clare as he is in a higher year group than her.
  • In the movie, it is shown that Brian has helped the Purple Hand Gang the most.
  • In Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes, he got punished because he stole the sweets in a spelling test a week before the talent show.
  • He appears to be twice as perfect as Peter (in terms of being smarter) as he's obviously older and has learnt more complex stuff than Peter has.
  • His favourite show is Gross Class Zero.
  • He answered Miss Battle-Axe's question by saying, 'I dunno' in Horrid Henry: Who's Who? because his name has changed from Brainy Brian to Beefy Brian.
  • In Horrid Henry, Money Talks, he said to Henry that he told his mum he was reading a Gross Class Zero comic instead of doing his math homework. This proves that he wasn't doing what he was supposed to do like Henry.
  • He was one of the only students in Henry's school who was absent in Horrid Henry Tricks and Treats.
  • In Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plane, he had to try and save Henry by fixing Mischievous Mike's toy plane. Brian had to work really hard because Stuck-Up Steve crashed it deliberately. However, Brian didn't manage to make progress for Henry, unfortunately. After Henry explained the story of what happened to the plane and how rich, spoilt and selfish Steve is as his cousin, Steve is now Brian's enemy.
  • In the books Brian and Clever Clare despised each other, while in the tv series they seem to be friends.


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