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Not to be confused with Crabby Chris, as they have the same name but different personalities.

Caring Chris works at the old people's home, where she is the senior carer. She has a good friendship with Miss Oddbod. She first appears in the episode Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang and also made a cameo appearance in Horrid Henry, Rockstar. Sue Elliott-Nicholls voices her. She speaks with a Welsh accent and uses the word 'chillax' often.


Physical appearance

Chris appears to have short, brown hair with a hairband, pale skin, and rosy cheeks.


She wears a white apron with a blue shirt underneath, blue trousers, and purple and gold sandals.


She is very kind and caring, and also quite calm. Chris tries to make people think she is very cool and also seems to want to fit in with younger people, and not seem middle-aged.

Episodes Appeared

Series 2

Series 3