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This category is for any page you find that you don't know how to finish, or can't finish right now. Please, as you update the pages, remove the 'Unfinished Pages' category, so we know which ones need fixing.

Please note that, unlike Missing info, this is for the pages that have little to NO info, while Missing info only is missing some, so that we know which ones to work on first.

The page will be marked as unfinished if:

  • Character pages - If one or more sections are unfinished.
  • Episode pages - If it has a missing character list. Or, it can have an unfinished plot (just only one to a few paragraphs), a very short plot (just one or two lines), or no plot at all. Maybe both. You can put a trivia list if there's something interesting or an error list if you spot one or more errors in a TV episode.
  • Pages with lists - If there are one or more unfinished lists.
  • Transcripts - If the transcript is unfinished.

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