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Colin the Clown is a character who appeared in the episode Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!. He did a magic show and appeared to be afraid of lions due to a 'bad circus experience'. Horrid Henry and Rude Ralph scared him off by pretending a lion escaped from a zoo by using Perfect Peter's lion puppet he got as a birthday gift. Colin also has a white rabbit, which ended up eating Peter's birthday cake at the end of the episode. In Series 2, he appeared in a cameo in Perfect Peter, Popstar. In Series 3 and 4, he is portrayed as a mute and communicates through sounds.

Aidan Cook voices him in his first appearance, the only episode where he speaks. As he is now portrayed as a mute, there is no longer a voice actor for him.


Physical appearance

Colin appears to have black hair (only appears in Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!), eyebrows, pale skin, and has face paint on with a red nose and a white smile.


He wears a clown costume, an orange wig with a blue and yellow stripe hat, a red flower, a yellow and pink coat, green overalls with red buttons, a purple bow-tie, a blue flower, and blue clown shoes.


Colin is very silly and he has a fun personality. He likes magic tricks.


  • Colin has a fear of lions, as shown in the episode Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!.
  • In Horrid Henry Goes To The Theatre, it reveals that he is Great Aunt Greta's great-nephew. This would make him Henry's cousin if she is his great-aunt by blood and not through marriage.
  • Henry and Ralph use his fear of lions to get rid of him.


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