Dad is the husband of Mum, the older brother of Fussy Francis and the father of Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter. He doesn't seem to trust Henry in terms of behaviour at all. Almost every single day, he yells "Go to your room now, Henry!", as well as punishing him. If Henry's not well-behaved. He is not as strict as Mum, and doesn't punish Henry as much as she does. His work boss is Bob and he’s very strict. Dad doesn’t seem to like Bob as a friend but he does take him seriously when it comes to work. Also Dad doesn‘t really like Bill because he tried to get Henry into trouble but however he didn’t know that Peter has beaten Bill up in Perfect Peter Pumps Up. He does know that Henry hates Bossy Bill but he doesn’t know that Peter and Bill met before. In terms of the way he gets treated by Bob and Henry, Dad prefers Henry’s treatment that Bob as he is very strict and stresses him out.

In Series 4 and Series 5, he treats Henry a lot better.


Dad appears to be wearing a blue jacket, with an orange sweater underneath. He also wears dark brown trousers, with even darker brown shoes. He has short, curly light brown hair, and pale skin.