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N-O spells no, Henry.

—Dad, Horrid Henry

Dad (real name Simon, nicknamed Silly Simon as a child) is the father of Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter, Mum's husband and Fussy Uncle Francis' older brother. He doesn't seem to trust Henry in terms of behaviour at all. Almost every single day, he yells: 'Go to your room now, Henry!', as well as punishing him. He is 6 feet tall.

Dad works as an office manager at Tingly Toothbrushes. His work boss is Big Bob, and he's very strict. Dad doesn't seem to like Bob as a friend, but he does take him seriously when it comes to working. In terms of the way he gets treated by Bob and Henry, Dad prefers Henry's treatment than Bob as he is very strict and stresses him out.

It's been implied in many episodes, most notably Horrid Henry and the Silly Siblings, that Dad was a lot like Henry as a kid.

Wayne Forester voices him.


Physical appearance

Dad has short, curly brown hair, a pointy nose, a pointy chin, pale skin, and rosy cheeks.


He appears to wear a blue jacket with pockets, with an orange turtleneck jumper underneath. He also wears dark brown trousers, with even darker brown shoes.


He is not as strict as Mum and doesn't punish Henry as much as she does. In Series 4 and Series 5, he treats Henry a lot better as he may watch TV with Henry like in Horrid Henry Helps Out.  He likes to watch Gross Class Zero with Henry.


  • In Horrid Henry's Daring Deed, Peter calls him Daring Dad for scaring off a spider.
  • In Horrid Henry Who Stole Mr Kill?, Henry calls him Dodgy Dad while looking at a picture of him playing tennis.
  • In Horrid Henry and the Silly Siblings, the episode reveals that Dad's first name is Simon, and his childhood nickname was Silly Simon. It seems Dad was not the one who gave himself the name, as he seemingly didn't like it.
  • He was possibly named after Francesca Simon, the author of the original Horrid Henry books.


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