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Doddery Donald is Great Aunt Greta's older brother. He mostly says, 'Donald'. He first appeared in Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests in a flashback, along with an elderly woman who looks just like Old Olive, but wearing a wig, this suggests Old Olive is his wife. He also appears asking Brainy Brian a question in Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes, he then reappears making a cameo appearance in Horrid Henry, Rockstar, in the old people’s home, meaning he moved in and finally in Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar when he comes for lunch. His nickname was Dancing Donald, and he enjoys dancing and playing air guitar.


Physical appearance

Donald has grey, receding hair and pale skin.


He wears a dark grey suit over a purple jacket and white shirt, and a green tie. He also carries a walking stick.


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