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Goody-Goody Gordon is one of Peter's best friends. He is a member of the Best Boys Club and is in Miss Lovely's class, and he is one of her favourite students. He is also best friends with Tidy Ted and Spotless Sam.

Gordon hates Bossy Bill in Perfect Peter Pumps Up as Bill has been using Peter as a slave, taking his stuff and bullying him. Behaviour rating: 7.

He also has a slight dislike on Moody Margaret along with the other best boys after she stalked Peter in Horrid Henry Rewrites the Rules and forced him to go on stage and become the best air guitar player in Ashton; making Ralph demotivated in having that talent but Gordon claimed he wasn't capable of doing that in front of the crowd as that isn't his character in Horrid Henry, Rocking the World.

Joanna Ruiz voices him.


Physical appearance

Gordon appears to have dark brown hair with light brown skin.


He usually wears a yellow jumper with a white shirt underneath, blue trousers, and brown shoes.


He's well behaved and very friendly. He is Perfect Peter, Tidy Ted, and Spotless Sam's best friend.



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