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Gorgeous Gurinder is a recurring character (appearing in some episodes) in Horrid Henry's class who is extremely vain. She doesn't appear to concentrate in class very much as she spends all of her time taking care of her appearance, thinking that she's beautiful.

She usually sits next to Beefy Bert in Miss Battle-Axe's class.

Joanna Ruiz usually voices her.


Physical appearance

Gurinder appears to have long violet-black hair, tan skin, and rosy cheeks.


She wears a very light pinkish-white shirt with purple flowers on it, pink trousers, white ballet pumps, and a blue bracelet on each arm.


Gurinder is very vain, but also quite clever. She appears to be even more vain than Moody Margaret. She doesn’t concentrate in class much but has been shown to at least understand some of the work Boudicca Battle-Axe, her teacher, sets her. She is also very supportive and kind, and doesn’t like to bully the boys like her friends Margaret and Susan do, but she will gladly play pranks on them as she sees the pranks as harmless and just funny.


As stated on the official Horrid Henry website, Gurinder has three older brothers with three older sisters, and two younger brothers. Nothing has been said about her parents or any other relatives yet.


Gurinder is friends with every girl in her class. Her best friend appears to be Singing Soraya, as they are seen the most together.

Like the other Secret Club members, Gurinder may dislike some boys. However, she's rarely seen teasing them alongside her friends and actually seems to be okay with them. At the end of Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson, she seems impressed with Henry's skipping. She stares with a look of approval. Margaret was angry that she was impressed and had to pull Gurinder away by hand. As she went away, she waved at Henry as they left. In Horrid Henry's Hiccups, when Henry started having hiccups, Gurinder was the first to be giggling at Henry, as if it was funny (which to the rest of the class, yes). Later in the episode, when Henry was imagining being rich and famous, when he exited his limo and had a hiccup, Gurinder said, 'Oh, I love it when he hiccups!', and fell into an infatuation-induced trance and In the episode Horrid Henry: When I'm King when Henry came into the room to overthrow Margaret, Gurinder was happy of his arrival and called him, 'Sir Henry, the Incredibly Brave and Handsome', this could imply Henry has a crush on Gurinder as that was all in his imagination. There's more evidence of Gurinder being nice, In Horrid Henry and the Bogey Brain Sleepover, when the pizza boxes fell for their meal, he caught them and Gurinder was cheering along with Singing Soraya and Sour Susan. Also, in the same episode, Margaret was greedy and did not allow Henry to eat, Gurinder and Soraya offered him some pizza. When he accepted a slice, they smiled with their eyes closed and hands together.

She's obviously close with Soraya, perhaps close in a different sense. They're both comfortable with each other to the point that they sleep on or near each other as seen in Horrid Henry Stays Up All Night. They're always seen hanging out, and in the background of a scene in Horrid Henry's Dance Class, they just stop and stare at each other. They're practically inseparable, and they're almost like Henry and Ralph. They do almost everything together, and they both seem happy to see each other happy. They haven't had much screentime though, but they do act very couppley and lovey, but this is also just a theory. If so they may be two of the few LGBT characters in the franchise.

She may have a friendship of some sort with Peter. In Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!, Gurinder attended one of his parties, helping him to tie his blindfold during a game of 'Pin The Tail On The Donkey'. She also helped him up when he fell in Horrid Henry's Dance Class. In Horrid Henry on Trial, she as well as the other members of the Secret Club and the Best Boys voted that he should get the prize on saving Miss Oddbod's kitten as suggested. Though there were six votes for Peter it is estimated she as well as Soraya, Susan, and herself voted and Linda was too lazy. As for Margaret, she was defending Peter during the trial. The three others were Ted, Gordon and Sam. In Horrid Henry's Birthday, when Henry did not like her gift which was a tapestry kit, Peter wanted it. When he said he did enthusiastically, she smiled at him as if she was pleased and adored of Peter's presence. The majority of the time when Peter is around her, she smiles. Since he is kind and respectful to others and has a bright attitude she probably adores him or thinks he's sweet.

She might have a close friendship with Aerobic Al which is suggested in several episodes. In Horrid Henry's Sports Day, they were partners in the three-legged race and it looked as if they had their arms around each other to balance. In other episodes such as Horrid Henry's School Fair, they were seen together alone chatting. Multiple times, they appeared talking to each other, just the two of them in the backgrounds of some episodes. In Horrid Henry and the New Teacher and Horrid Henry's Heist, she seemed interested and a bit impressed on his karate moves. A big hint was in a recent episode Horrid Henry: Who's Who?, where Aerobic Al or temporarily in the episode, 'Rude Al', says he had a crush on Soraya whose name has also been switched to Gorgeous Soraya. Since the plot had people's names switched the reality would be he has a crush on Gurinder since she is originally gorgeous and cares less about Soraya. This most likely isn't a hint of Al having a crush on Gurinder though, as in the episode Horrid Henry Looks At Love, he surely has a crush on Margaret. Another reason that this is most likely not a hint of Al having a crush on Gurinder is that in this episode, as stated above the roles are changed, so this could truly mean that Rude Ralph has a crush on Gurinder.

She was mentioned in Horrid Henry and the Injection waiting outside Nurse Needle's closed door.


While keeping pretty and brushing her long hair appear to be her top priorities, Gurinder has shown musical talent in the episode Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes, when she auditioned for Henry's band, playing the guitar with great skill.

She also appeared singing in the school choir in Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster.

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  • Her name was changed to 'Singing Gurinder' in Horrid Henry: Who's Who?.
  • Gurinder has a different voice in Horrid Henry's Dance Class and in Horrid Henry Stays Up All Night
  • In a flashback in Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!, she was invited to Peter's birthday.
  • Sometimes, Gurinder sits next to Rude Ralph instead of Beefy Bert.
  • It was revealed in Horrid Henry and the Bogey Brain Sleepover that she is a fan of the Killer Boy Rats.
  • Gurinder could be one of the few LGBTQ+ characters in the franchise.
  • Her voice is sometimes inconsistent.


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