Horrid Henry Wiki

Grandma is Horrid Henry, Perfect Peter, Prissy Polly and Stuck-Up Steve's maternal grandmother, Pimply Paul's grandmother-in-law, Vomiting Vera's great-grandmother, Mum and Rich Aunt Ruby's mother and Dad's mother-in-law. She is only mentioned in the short Horrid Henry and the Groovy Grandma. She passed away when Henry and Peter were very young.

She is described as a 'groovy' grandma by Henry. According to Mum, she used to play the ukulele - quite badly!

She appears to have had a good relationship with her sister Greta, and had raised Mum and Rich Aunt Ruby. Grandma also seems to have been very fond of her grandson Henry, holding him in a family photo. However, she sadly passed away when Henry was a toddler and Peter was a baby. This seems to have devastated Mum, and thinking about her made her cry. Unfortunately, Henry and Peter can't remember her, and so don't really have many memories of her, only being photos. Henry did hear stories about his grandma though, suggesting Mum told her children about their grandmother.


Physical appearance

Grandma appears to have short grey hair, pale skin and rosy cheeks.


She wears a blue dress with a white collar, a chunky blue necklace and blue earrings.


She is described by Mum as funny and fun, with a tendency to make up words, such as 'scrumptilicious' and 'hee hiles' for high heels.