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Not to be confused with Great Aunt Greta, as they both have the same name but different personalities.

Greta Minus (more commonly known Greasy Greta, or the Demon Dinner Lady, and also known as Mrs Minus) is the lady from the counter in the school cafeteria. Her first appearance was in Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady when she was sent to look after the kids in the lunchroom because they were misbehaving. In the episode, the children overfeed her by refilling their lunchboxes again and again with treats after she has eaten them.

Aside from Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady, what appears to be Greasy Greta also appears in Horrid Henry's Summer Camp, where she serves stew at Camp Sunshine. She appears in Level 2 of the CITV online game, Horrid Henry Goes to School. It is Henry's objective to walk around the lunchroom swiping food to burp loudly, avoiding the Demon Dinner Lady or else she'll take them. She also appears in Horrid Henry: The Movie in which Jo Brand plays her, where she only gives the children a tiny bit of the nice food and a huge amount of the bad food!

Sue Elliott-Nicholls voices her.


Physical appearance

Greta has burgundy/maroon hair and pinkish skin. Greta is overweight.


She wears a white coat with a blue collar and blue sleeves, and blue shoes.


She takes and eats everyone's treats as they are not allowed in school. She always said, 'Give me your treats now!' and 'Treats?! Doesn't anybody have any treats?!', but as soon as she ate far too many, she was wheeled out of the school on a trolley by Mr Soggington.


  • The episode Horrid Henry's Girl Talk reveals that Greta's surname is Minus.
    • Greasy Greta either is or at least was married as she is called 'Mrs' Minus.
  • It's revealed that Greasy Greta has a twin sister in Series 5.


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