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This article contains information on characters, places, items or events which take place in the Horrid Henry series of books by Francesca Simon.

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Greasy Greta, also known as the Demon Dinner Lady, was the packed lunch room supervisor in Horrid Henry's school in the books.

Her first appearance is in the story Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady, where she takes and eats everyone's treats under the 'no sweets in school' rule, but is defeated by Henry's hot chilli powder biscuits.

She returns in Horrid Henry and the Revenge of the Demon Dinner Lady, during which she is re-appointed by Mrs Oddbod to monitor the children's lunch boxes for sweets. She is fired after Mrs Oddbod catches her eating the confiscated sweets that were supposed to be donated to charity.


Physical Appearance

Greta appears to have light brown hair, pale skin, rosy cheeks, and sharp teeth.


She wears a pale green apron with a white shirt beneath.