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Not to be confused with Greasy Greta, as they both have the same name but different personalities.

Great Aunt Greta is Henry and Peter's very old great-aunt who thinks Henry is a girl called Henrietta and that Peter is a teenager. She sends Peter cool stuff made for teenagers, (which he doesn't always like) as she thinks he's a teenager, and Henry stuff for toddlers (which he always hates). She supposedly has very bad eyesight.

In the movie, after Ashton Primary School has closed down, Great Aunt Greta is paying for Henry and Peter's new schools, as they are expensive. She is sending Peter to Brickhouse School and Henry to Our Lady Giddiantus, which is the all girls private school she attended as a child, because she believes Henry is a girl. The girls there tease Henry for being at a girl's school. With Margaret's help, the two escape The Girl's School, and decide it isn't for them. It is not revealed how Great Aunt Greta reacted to this. Great Aunt Greta was played by Prunella Scales in Horrid Henry: The Movie.

Tamsin Heatley voices her.


Physical appearance

Great Aunt Greta has grey hair in a bun and pale skin.


She wears a pink shirt with a white collar, a magenta skirt, grey earrings, and grey high heeled shoes.


In Series 1 and 2, she appears to be absent-minded. In Horrid Henry's House Party, she believed that the back door was the fridge, that the supermarket didn't have broccoli, and she served Henry and Peter cat food. She also mistook a cardboard cut-out of Mutant Max for a supermarket employee. This indicates she is deaf and partially blind.

In Series 3 to 5, she appears to be more intelligent. She also can hear easily and seems to be able to see much better. Despite this, she still thinks Peter is a teenager and Henry is a girl. In Series 3, she shows her talents for yo-yo spinning and skipping. In Series 5, she knits Henry colourful jumpers.


  • In Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang, she makes an appearance in the old people's home. But as she has been shown living independently in a bungalow, she was probably visiting a friend living in the home, possibly Old Olive.
  • In Horrid Henry and the King of Bling, Great Aunt Greta sent Peter a DJB disc, but in the end, Dad saw him watching DJB, and he knows it's for teenagers.
  • It reveals that Colin the Clown is Great Aunt Greta's great-nephew in Horrid Henry Goes To The Theatre.
  • It is revealed that Great Aunt Greta is related to Henry and his family through blood as she was the younger sister of Grandma. However, it’s not known if she was related to Colin the Clown through blood or marriage, but it was most likely marriage due to Mum, Perfect Peter and Horrid Henry not recognise him, implying Colin is Greta’s husbands nephew. This suggests Greta was once married, suggesting she is a widow as she still has contact with Colin.
  • She has a dislike on Bossy Bill in Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson as he called her mad and Henry clearly hates him (which is why she called Bill a horrid boy).
  • It's highly likely Great Aunt Greta has some form of dementia.
  • As she attended a private school, it is possible that Greta's family were quite wealthy. She also seems to have been quite good at lacrosse and skipping, which she clearly enjoyed.

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