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🔀 This is the page for Greta's book counterpart, click here for her TV series counterpart.

Great Aunt Greta is Henry and Peter's great-aunt who thinks Henry is a little girl called Henrietta and Peter is a teenager. As such, she sends Peter cool stuff such as £10, £25, a football or a computer game, and Henry girly stuff such as a Walkie-Talkie Burpy-Slurpy Teasy-Weasy doll, or a Princess Pamper Parlour, a Baby Poopy Pants doll, or worst of all, a pair of frilly, pink, lacy pants decorated with glittery hearts and bows.

Unlike in the TV series, Great-Aunt Greta has never met Henry and Peter in the books, and is yet to make an appearance, merely being mentioned in the stories.


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