Greedy graham

Greedy Graham is a boy in Horrid Henry's class. He eats any junk he can get his hands on. He is shown to be one of Henry's close friends. He's also a member of the Purple Hand Gang, and friends with Jolly Josh, Anxious Andrew, Weepy William and Brainy Brian. He loves gumballs, sweets, chocolate, lemonade and any other food that is unhealthy. He is many times seen in the background of episodes, eating sweets.


He appears to have brown, messy hair, and pale skin. He usually wears an orange t-shirt, with the end of the arms and collar colored blue. He also wears blue sweatpants, with a single white stripe on each leg. He wears red and white sneakers.


  • Despite loving sweets and being lazy, his outfit appears to be very sporty.