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Horrid Henry is the main character and the overall main protagonist of the TV series. He was created by Francesca Simon in the mid 1990s, and he was brought to the television by the episode maker Dave Unwin in 2006. He is a mischievous prankster-type kid, who is exhilarant and arrogant. He is much hated by some of the staff at Ashton Primary School (his school), like Miss Battle-Axe and Mr Soggington but is a very popular kid with the students, having lots of friends, most likely due to his prankster-type personality. Since Series 4, Henry has become a more down-to-earth kid, who is seemingly obsessed with morality.

He is voiced by Lizzie Waterworth-Santo.

He is portrayed by Theo Stevenson in Horrid Henry: The Movie.


Throughout the series, Henry appears to be a 'horrid' boy, indicated by the people around him, including his parents and teacher. He appears to be around 9 years old until Horrid Henry's Birthday when he turns 10. Henry appears to turn 11 in Horrid Henry's Birthday Bonanza onward. He is 4 feet tall.

Horrid Henry usually sits next to Lazy Linda in the classroom.


Horrid Henry is a trouble making bad boy who has a few anger management issues and is a little bit over-exhilarant, with features of arrogance too. He is a foul-tempered, hot headed kid with a smart mouth. He's also extremely skeptical of authority, or just anything that kids stereo typically hate, such as school, but he's also a trendy sort of kid who's always in on the latest trends. Due to his behaviour, he's disliked by most of his teachers. Henry is known to be horrid but by series 2 he had become nicer and by series 3 he has become quite popular.

Despite his reputation and nickname, Henry's personality has become more understanding and friendly since the middle of Series 3, such as when he offers to help someone in one episode, and his anger issues are toned down. It is theorised that his behaviour may stem from envy from his brother Peter who receives better treatment and approval from their parents, and the fact that people do not trust or listen to him. As of series 3, he has become quite popular with his classmates and they have come to understand him a bit more.

It appears that Henry is often called a 'Horrid Boy' by numerous people, which gives him the image of a troublesome boy. Due to his given reputation, Henry is often blamed for problems he does not cause.


Physical appearance

Henry appears to have messy light brown hair, pale skin, and rosy cheeks.


Everyday wear

He usually appears to be wearing a horizontally yellow striped light blue T-shirt, blue sewn jeans, and the usual green and white shell-toe trainers with yellow laces.


His pyjamas are blue, with vertical white stripes. The slippers he wears in his pyjamas have inside looks like a crocodile's face and lime green colour.


Mum and Dad have never trusted Henry to be well behaved, are healthful, and always make something with vegetables for dinner. They also make healthy snacks for parties. Dad agrees with Mum nearly all the time. They often yell at Henry, punishing him by banning him from doing things he loves like watching TV, the computer, pocket money and sending him to his room. However, they must resort to cancellation or downward re-assession of pocket money, giving it to Perfect Peter. Peter, on the other hand, rarely gets into trouble, and while Henry misbehaves, Peter shows off to their parents.

On the other hand, Dad treats Henry really well in the later series and they start to have a bond which makes their relationships closer. Whereas Mum would tell Henry not to be horrid just for joking or being sarcastic which is why Henry does not get along with her, however she truly does care about her son and love him deep down.

According to Henry, they have told him millions of times that he can never have another birthday party, but then agree to give him one more chance each year.

The vast majority of the time, Mum and Dad believe Peter rather than Henry, being best known for disciplining Henry, particularly with the phrase: 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. They often force Henry to locations such as his room if he is not well behaved, or they utterly say, 'GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW, HENRY!'. His parents often punish him for the slightest things.

Perfect Peter

Perfect Peter is Henry's younger brother, who is the opposite personality to Henry, and hence his name, he is perfect. Usually, during home life, Peter tells on Henry by telling their parents of his horrid behaviour. When he provokes Henry, Henry may transform or do some other horrid deed like burying Peter in a blanket. For that, Henry may be punished by being sent to his room, no TV, etc., and for that, he calls him a 'worm'. Despite their enemy behaviour to each other, Henry allows Peter to be the Chief Secretary of the Purple Hand Gang. They do team up with each other against their other enemies like Bossy Bill in Perfect Peter Pumps Up and Rabid Rebecca in The Bogey Babysitter.


Throughout the whole course of the series, Henry's best friend is Rude Ralph, which Henry has a similar personality. Ralph is the richest kid in school and lives the life of luxury that Henry dreams of having, is a member of the Purple Hand Gang and is often involved with Henry at schemes and plots. His other friends include Aerobic Al, Beefy Bert, Brainy Brian, Anxious Andrew, Weepy William and Greedy Graham. Sometimes though, Henry can treat his friends like underlings and not listen to them when they warn him about something. For example, in Horrid Henry's Nightmare, he stepped on Ralph's face, ignoring his speech.


Moody Margaret

Henry's neighbour, main enemy, and arch-enemy, Moody Margaret, attend his school and runs her club named The Secret Club in her back garden. It rivals with the Purple Hand Gang. Margaret often annoys Henry, while Henry torments Margaret by performing horrid deeds. They might deal with things, but they are still enemies. Despite the conflicts between Henry and Margaret, they seem to temporarily strike up as alliances, like in Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge, and on many occasions, they have been married or engaged in Henry's dreams. They live next door to each other. She can scream very loudly in episodes, the loudest possibly being is Moody Margaret Moves In.

Sour Susan

Sour Susan is one of Henry's arch enemies alongside Margaret due to her being the best friend of Margaret and Henry finds Susan annoying. Despite sometimes working for Henry (for revenge on Margaret), Sour Susan is the seconder of the Secret Club. Henry was once said to love Susan in a fake love letter that Perfect Peter wrote. Susan may annoy her enemies by copying some of Margaret's words, followed by 'Yeah'.

Stuck-Up Steve

Stuck-Up Steve is Henry's cousin, whose mother, Rich Aunt Ruby is incredibly rich. Steve often brags about his expensive clothes and toys. Steve and Henry often come to conflict. As seen in the book Horrid Henry's Christmas, Henry sneaks down during the night and swaps labels between his and Steve's presents are then opened by him in the morning and vice-versa. Steve attempts revenge in the boo, Horrid Henry's Haunted House when Henry has to stay at Steve's house and tries to scare Henry, although Henry accidentally sends Steve and his mother screaming from the house. Steve last appears in the book Horrid Henry Dines at Restaurant Le Posh when Aunt Ruby invites Henry and his family to dinner at a fancy French restaurant. In the episode Horrid Henry's Haunted House, Henry has multiple flashbacks of when Steve doesn't let Henry use his brand new things, only the old and broken ones. Besides, when Henry goes to the mall to get Mum a birthday present, Henry transforms into a velociraptor and attempts to harm Steve when he makes fun of Henry for not being able to buy a necklace for his mother.

Bossy Bill

Bossy Bill is the son of Bob who is Henry's dad's boss at work (Tingly Toothbrushes) and he is one of Henry's arch enemies. Bill attempts to gain advantage of Henry by getting him in trouble with his dad and Bob in Horrid Henry Goes to Work by telling them lies but later Henry fires back by getting Bill to photocopy his bottom in which all of Bob's employees witnessed and Bill ending up getting grounded big time after this humiliation. But Bossy Bill returns in Perfect Peter Pumps Up and attempts to ruin Henry's reputation at school and make his younger brother (Peter's) school life miserable but Henry and Peter teamed up to get rid of him.

Miss Battle-Axe

Miss Battle-Axe is Henry's teacher who is incredibly strict. She always keeps an eye on Henry in school as he is horrid and doesn't pay attention in class. She constantly gives Henry detentions for never doing his homework and when he disrespects her lessons and they both have a strong hate on each other. However Miss Battle-Axe does appear to be proud if Henry on very rare occasions such as when he saved his younger brother (Perfect Peter) or when he delivers messages to the teachers for them after being asked too.

Rabid Rebecca

Henry is shown to have a strong grudge against Rabid Rebecca the most out of all his enemies. Whenever Henry finds out Rebecca is around, he always attempts to get rid of her to the point where he tried to get Rebecca arrested in Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter (episode). Despite all this, Henry does seem to be feared of Rebecca at times after she threatens him.

Purple Hand Gang

Horrid Henry is the leader of a club in the back garden of his house in which he calls it The Purple Hand Gang. The club rivals with The Secret Club, as shown heavily in Horrid Henry and the Secret Club.

The members of the Purple Hand Gang include Rude Ralph, Aerobic Al, Beefy Bert, Brainy Brian, Greedy Graham, Weepy William, Anxious Andrew, and Perfect Peter. Peter has been kicked out on some occasions, such as Perfect Peter's Revenge, while Margaret's club members are Sour Susan, Lazy Linda, Gorgeous Gurinder, and Singing Soraya.

The Purple Hand Gang headquarters is in a purple old fort, while the Secret Club headquarters is in Margaret's treehouse.

Hobbies and Interests

Horrid Henry notably enjoys watching television, and his favourite shows include Mutant Max, Rapper Zapper and Terminator Gladiator. Henry and Peter often argue over who watches the television because Peter prefers to watch programs that Henry finds too babyish and boring.

Henry also enjoys playing on the computer, eating tons and tons of food especially at Gobble & Go, and spending pocket money. Although Henry never has any as he spends all of it as soon as he gets it, and it is often taken away by his parents because of his horrid behaviour. Henry's favourite types of music include heavy metal, rock, and he especially loves music by the Killer Boy Rats. Henry likes to burp and fart. He also can break the 4th wall in some episodes. He also shows tremendous interest in collecting gizmos in Horrid Henry's Hobby.


  • Whenever Henry is driven to the point of attacking someone, he will transform into an animal related to the situation (i.e. dinosaur, snake, octopus, etc.). These transformations are imaginary and are his way of displaying his emotions. There are rare occasions when another person transforms, such as Slimy Sammy in Perfect Peter's Pen Pal and Peter in Perfect Peter Pumps Up.
  • Henry is likely secretly very sensitive as his brother tends to get lots more affection than him, such as how Mum calls Peter honey bun, or bunny kins. This is probably what led Henry to dislike Peter so much, as he took all his parents attention from him.
  • Henry and Peter are complete opposites.
  • Henry is the only character who has appeared in every single episode of the series.
  • There seems to be a popular fan theory that Henry has ADHD, dyslexia or is on the autism spectrum, although this is completely unconfirmed.
  • As a baby, he screamed all day and night, almost never smiled, threw things around constantly and never ever went to sleep.
  • In the television series, Henry is noticeably more tame and human, particularly after series 2, whereas in the books, he is much more horrid and appears to have almost no redeeming qualities, often displaying some sociopathic traits.
  • It was revealed he didn't lose his first baby tooth until the episode Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy.
  • Henry is still in primary school, despite being 12 years of age.
    • He is in Miss Battle-Axe's class in both the book and TV series, even though he is a few years younger in the books.


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