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23 November 2006 (Thursday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Malcolm Williamson

Horrid Henry's Birthday (episode) is the fourteenth episode in Series 1 and the 14th episode overall. The episode received positive reviews for its story and humour, but it has faced a backlash for its extensive amount of errors, the most in a Horrid Henry episode.


Having promised everyone the best birthday ever, can Henry make it happen or not?


Mum and Dad were eating breakfast. Henry came to the kitchen, knocking Peter and a carton of milk. Henry said, 'Out of my way, worm!', but Mum shouted, 'Henry!'. Henry looks at the calendar, and he was excited because it was two weeks before his birthday. Mum and Dad realized Henry's birthday is coming. Henry tells his parents he wants to go to Lazer Zap, but Mum told him he is not going to Lazer Zap because it is too violent and too expensive. Dad agrees. Henry asks Mum maybe he could have a party at home, while Mum and Dad got shocked and remember the last time. Mum told Henry he is going to Lazer Zap, so Henry danced as he cheers and screeched: 'LET'S PARTY!' opening the title card.

Henry's class were busy today. Henry came into the classroom and tells everyone about his birthday party. Margaret said that his parties are never fun. Susan agrees that they are never fun, while William said he did not have a nice time. Henry was worried if there were no presents, so Henry tells them this year will change. He mentions a lovely tea and fantastic prizes. Al wanted to go, and Andrew said if it's not scary. Margaret wants to come to see a brilliant party. Henry gave away invitations to everyone.

Henry's family was watching TV, but Henry turns the TV off, and he walks in front of the TV holding his list. The food that Henry wanted at this party were crisps, burgers, and loads of chips. Mum and Peter think they should add carrot sticks, peanut butter sandwiches and plenty of apple juice. Henry wanted to go to Laser Zap in a fleet of stretch limos, but Dad said no because they're too expensive. So Henry imagines instead of a bus. Peter says one bus is much greener than lots of limos. Henry said he does not know why he is interested because Henry thought he wasn't to come. Mum says Peter is his brother and he is coming. But Henry tells that Peter will ruin everything. Henry transforms into a fire breathing dragon and attempts to attack Peter, but Mum said, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. There was a phone call from Lazer Zap and Dad picked up the phone and they were yelling. Dad asked Henry when he went to Laser Zap for Ralph's Birthday party, he asked about breaking all the lasers and put slime on everyone's spacesuit, Peter asked about the goo in the moon boots. Henry realized that was great, but he said it wasn't himself. Dad said that Lazer Zap has banned Henry. Henry was whining that he wants to go to Lazer Zap because he promised everyone. Dad said not to worry that he knows lots of good games.

After the next two weeks, it was Henry's birthday. Henry was excited that he ran to the door. Everyone invited yells: 'Happy Birthday Henry!'. Henry looked at everyone and realize Ralph was missing. Mum tells Henry that Ralph was at the dentist. His Mum will drop him off. Henry starts opening presents without Ralph, but when he opens all presents there just a boring gift their friends just gave. Mum asked Henry to thank everyone for his friend's gifts, but Henry said: 'EURGH'. Mum shouts, 'Henry!'. Henry asked himself if this party is going to get worse. Dad came to the door and asked anyone for Party Games. Henry thinks to himself that 'Yep! They can!'.

They first started playing pass the parcel. When they pass the parcel to Henry, he started opening the wrapping paper while the music is still on. Margaret told him to pass it on. Linda agrees with Margaret to pass it on. Dad turned off the music, and Peter tells him to pass it on. Then Henry throws it to Peter. Peter catches the parcel, but it explodes. Dad said, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'

Dad asked anyone for musical statues. He turned on the music while everyone started dancing. Dad turned off the music while everyone freeze, but Henry loses his balance and pushes Al. Henry said that Al moved, but Al said Henry pushed him. Dad said he is warning him while Margaret tells Henry that everyone is having fun. Henry said, 'No we're not, this is fun.' Henry stumps the floor and turned the music to Killer Boy Rats instead.

Mum called Henry to tell him who is here. Ralph is back! Henry wants to open his present from Ralph, but Mum said it is tea time. But when Henry goes to the dining room, healthy foods replaced his favourite foods. Henry was not happy. He says that this is the worst party ever, so he goes to the living room and sees a present. He opens it, and it is a Double Drencher 3000. Henry yells, 'LET'S PARTY!', and it causes messy fight chaos in the dining room! Then, Mum and Dad gets angry at Henry for ruining the tea and forbids him from having another party forever. Everyone cheers about the party, ending the episode.



Critical reception

  • On original broadcast in 2006, the episode was positively reviewed. Critics were positive about the story, decision to make a birthday episode, humour and script, although some criticised the episode's predictability.
  • Since about 2020, 14 years after its original broadcast, and when the Horrid Henry Wiki became big, the episode faced a backlash due to all the errors it contains, particularly the purple-dress girl error. Despite this, the episode is still mostly praised.


  • Henry turns 11 in this episode.
    • A sequel was made in Series 4 for his 12th birthday.
  • This is one of the two episodes when Henry screams, 'Let's party!'. The 1st was in this episode, while the second one was in Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!.
  • This episode marks the first time where Henry, Peter and Margaret appeared as babies, except it's only in a flashback.
  • This episode is the first time the school is featured in an episode without any teachers.
  • In the flashback, when it showed a kid version of Margaret getting tied up, notice in the background there are kids upside-down in the bush.
  • It is unknown how the parcel manages to explode when Peter catches it.
  • When Susan says 'Yeah, they're never fun.', she has her voice from Horrid Henry: The Movie.
  • This episode holds the record for the most errors in a single Horrid Henry episode, containing 16, overtaking Horrid Henry Goes Swimming.

Differences from the book

  • The party planners take place within two days in the book version, while it's two weeks in the TV version.
  • In the book, Henry went to Laser Zap for Tough Toby's Birthday, while in the TV version, it was for Rude Ralph's.
  • Henry suggests to have the party at home in the TV version with a flashback sequence, while in the book version, Mum says that if they went to Laser Zap, it would mean that the party "Wouldn't be here".
  • Henry tells his friends that they are invited to his party at school and promises them a good time, while in the book version he just invites them on his Party Plan he is writing in his Fort.
  • The planners are also different. In the book version it is called "Henry's Party Plans TOP SECRET!" with plans for guests and presents, while in the TV version, it is called "Henry's Best Party Ever" and instead has plans for food and what the trip will be for Laser Zap instead. (which Mum plans on a separate menu instead in the book version)
  • The food menu is all unhealthy foods (except for Peanut Butter Sandwiches which Henry was forced to add on) in the book version, while in the TV version Mum swaps it all for healthy foods, much to Henry's disgust.
  • Henry was said to have put goo in the moon boots at Laser Zap in the TV version, but not in the book version.
  • Henry is banned from Laser Zap two weeks prior in the TV version, but on his Birthday itself in the book version.
  • All the guests come one by one in the book version, while in the TV version they all appear together (except for Ralph)
  • In the book version, Mum and Dad give Henry some presents, while Peter gives him a Tapestry Kit. This isn't shown in the TV version, and Gorgeous Gurinder gives him a Tapestry Kit instead.
  • Although Ralph appears last in both versions, in the TV version it was because he was at the dentist, as hinted by the fact he can't speak properly.
  • The Felt Pens were given by Sour Susan in the book version, while Moody Margaret gives them to him in the TV version. There is also no paper included in the TV version.
  • In the book version, Anxious Andrew and Lazy Linda and Clever Clare give Henry the Animal Soaps, Fairy Tale Cassette and Cook Your Own Healthy Nutritious Food book respectively. In the TV version, it's not said who gave Henry all of those presents, and the Cassette was replaced with a CD of the same thing.
  • Rude Ralph gives Henry the Super Soaker 2000 during the party in the book version which is wrapped up in Newspaper, but in the TV version, it is changed to a Double Drencher 3000 (as the Super Soaker name is copyrighted) wrapped up normally, and Henry is given it by Rude Ralph after the Party Games end, but he doesn't unwrap it until after the food as Mum won't let him.
  • In Pass the Parcel, the prize inside the parcel is a Granola Bar. In the TV version, it's unknown what the prize was as Henry throws the parcel to Peter and it explodes.
  • Mum announces Musical Statues in the book version, but Dad does it in the TV version.
  • In Musical Statues, Henry goes out normally, but in the TV version he wobbles and pushes Aerobic Al. He also stomps the ground and ends up putting on Killer Boy Rats music instead when he doesn't get his way.
  • There's no cake in the TV version.
  • When Henry soaks everyone, they're all upset with him and Mum and Dad send him to his room in the book version, but in the TV version, although Mum and Dad are angry, they don't send Henry to his room, and all of Henry's friends are all happy for the great party.


There are currently 17 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Birthday (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • Characters appear to be missing in moments of the episode. For example, Gurinder disappears a few times like in Pass the Parcel.

    Noticed the background

  • When Margaret said, 'Your parties are never fun.', the background showed a close up of the school tables.
  • When Henry said that his birthday is going to be different, Andrew has William's colours.
  • In the food fight when Greedy Graham was under the table eating, his shoes change colour from white, then back to red.

    The unknown 'purple dress' girl.

  • When Henry uses the water pistol to rain on the girls, a girl is wearing a purple dress. She doesn't look like any of the girls in the series.
  • In the flashback, when Ralph throws an apple at Henry, behind Ralph is Al, but he is miscoloured.
  • When Lazy Linda tells Henry to pass the parcel, her sleeves are red (the same colour as her shirt).
  • After Dad tells Henry to stop being Horrid, he then asked everyone if they wanted to play musical statues. In the next shot, Margaret isn't shown taking part. But after when Henry pushed Al, Margaret is there.
  • When Henry grabbed a peanut butter sandwich, it was three layers tall, but when he said it was the worst party ever, it was a layer tall.
  • When Henry was talking about his birthday at the start, the number of squares on the calendar changed.
  • When Henry was looking around, Gorgeous Gurinder's trousers are lavender.
  • When Fluffy changes the time from night to day, in the first shot, there is a phone next to her instead of the TV remote.
  • When Mum and Dad tell Henry to stop ruining the tea, the food on Dad's face is gone.
  • In the TV version, the title card 'Horrid Henry Birthday' doesn't make sense. This error is fixed in the DVD version.
  • When Henry opens the door to the dining room, the hallway carpet is green.
  • When Henry screams in frustration, the door somehow closes even though it should be open.
  • When Henry asks where Ralph is, there is a red pillow behind him. When Henry tells everyone to see their presents, it is gone.


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