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1 September 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Dave Ingham

Horrid Henry's Diary is the fiftieth episode in Series 1 and the 50th episode overall.


Henry's not at all pleased with his homework assignment - to keep a diary of a day in his life. When he realises that it gives him a perfect chance to tell it like it is, he gets stuck in, well and truly. But a day of his life, surely that’s very interesting.


Miss Battle-Axe thinks that the aliens took Henry's homework, and Henry was honest. Miss Battle-Axe asked Henry to tell the truth about what happened to his homework. Henry said it was eaten by the cat, everyone started laughing until Miss Battle-Axe said, 'Silence!'. Miss Battle-Axe told everyone the next assignment is to write a diary for one whole day. Miss Battle-Axe was curious and everyone to see Henry read out his diary. Henry said, 'Read it out? To everyone?' and shouts: 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

At night in Henry's room, Henry was having difficultly writing in his diary. Henry asked why can homework be about playing computer games or watching TV. Then Henry gets distracted by Fluffy scratching on Henry's table. Henry told her to cut it out because she making Fang mad. Fluffy run out Henry's room, and Mum said, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!' and told him to get with his homework or else. Henry says it's just not fair, then he started writing in his diary about how not fair his life is.

He writes his diary like this:

  • 7:30: In the morning, the alarm was ringing, so he ignores it.
  • 8:03: Dad told Henry to rise and shine to wake him up for school, so he ignores it.
  • 8:04: Mum comes to Henry's room and yells to get up, or they'll be late for school.
  • 8:11: Peter comes and told he will be late for school, but Mum yells at him to get dressed. Henry gets dressed super quick and had a very healthy breakfast. Mum gets mad at Henry for wearing yesterday's clothes.
  • 8:48: Henry looks for his school bag in the living room.
  • 8:49: Mum came in the living room holding Henry's school bag and his P.E kit.
  • 8:50: They leave the house and walk to school. Dad asked Henry if he brushed his teeth. Henry made a lie and said yes. Henry started brushing his teeth in the bathroom.
  • 9:05: Henry, Peter and Dad arrive at school quickly.
  • 9:15: School starts (but Henry thinks the beginning part was very boring, so he skips it), but he pauses it at science lesson thinking that part was fun. Miss Battle-Axe says to not mix the two liquids, but Henry didn't listen, so he mixes it. It explodes and Miss Battle-Axe said, 'Horrid Boy'.
  • Next was music. Henry blows the tuba and accidentally blew on Margaret and Susan's skirt.
  • Next was Miss Oddbod's Office because sometimes he gets sent to her office.
  • Henry's favourite part is when school ends, showing everyone running home.
  • 4:00: Henry was home watching Rapper Zapper, but Peter came in and blocks the TV. Peter said it was his turn to watch TV and wants to watch Dummies Dancing Daisies. Henry said no and called him a smelly nappy baby, then Peter starts complaining (like a smelly nappy baby). Peter yells, 'MUM!' and Mum came in. She sends Henry to his room for being horrid, but it wasn't bad being sent to his room until tea time.
  • In tea time, Henry asked Mum for more chips, but Mum said he can't have them until his vegetables disappeared. Henry was good at making his vegetables disappeared, so Henry tells Peter to look over there. Henry pours the carrots on Peter's plate, pours the broccoli in the drawers, and squashes the butter. Peter saw that Henry's vegetables had disappeared, so Mum give Henry a bowl of chips.
  • After tea was bath time. Henry was having a nice time alone in the water until Peter comes in and takes a bath. Dad said too much water was wasted in the house, so they both have to share. Peter came into the bathtub and said it's was too hot. Dad had made a new rule and says whoever sits at the top end gets to change the temperature. Henry and Peter start fighting over the tap end. While Mum and Dad were at the kitchen having a headache hearing Henry and Peter argue, water was leaking on the ceiling.
  • 8:00: Henry was listening to music on his boombox. Mum said his bedtime was at 8 o'clock, but she came in and turned off the boombox telling him that it's bedtime.
  • In the toilet, Henry was brushing his teeth slowly saying he breaks the world record for the slowest tooth brushing.
  • While in bedtime, Henry tells Dad he's hungry, but he said the kitchen was closed. Henry said he was thirsty, so Dad was going downstairs to get him a glass of water. Mum turned off the lights and said good night to Henry. Henry said when he's king, kids can be able to stay up as long as they like. Henry was under his blanket reading his comic while on the headphone, but Dad takes off the blanket and got mad at him.
  • Mum and Dad sat on the couch tired. Henry said to Mum to turn off the lights, but Henry said it was too dark. Henry said to Dad he can't find his beloved toy Mr Kill and thinks he left it in the kitchen. Henry was waiting for his Dad bringing Mr Kill. When Henry came downstairs, he realised Mum and Dad were asleep, so he waked up by saying, 'I'M READY FOR BED NOW!!!'.

Henry finally finished his diary and thinks how Miss Battle-Axe will see this. He threw his diary and hold his rubber duck until he realises Fluffy was about to shred his diary. She started shredding it, making Henry shout: 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • This episode is an adaptation of the story of the same name in Horrid Henry's Bedtime. It also adapts moments from Horrid Henry Eats A Vegetable from Horrid Henry's Underpants, Horrid Henry's Bathtime from Horrid Henry Meets The Queen and Horrid Henry's Bedtime from the aforementioned book of the same name, in respective order.
  • This is the first time Henry did his homework.
  • Stuck up Steve running out.

    This episode is the first time Stuck-Up Steve appeared in Ashton Primary School in a cameo, while everyone was running out of the door.
  • This episode is where Fluffy shreds Henry's homework up at the end of the episode, just like in Horrid Henry, Nothing But The Truth.
  • When Henry is at school, in the diary, there is a little pause between what Miss Battle-Axe says.


There are currently 3 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Diary. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Miss Battle-Axe said silence to everyone, William has Andrew's colour.
  • During 9:15, when school starts, Beefy Bert is missing in the scene.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe tells not to mix the two liquids together, and Henry mixes it, Lazy Linda is missing.
  • When The Children Run Out Of The School Stuck-Up Steve Appears, Even Though He Goes To The Brick House School


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Horrid Henry's Diary