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14 June 2007 (Thursday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Amanda Swift

Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance is the forty-ninth episode in Series 1 and the 49th episode overall.


Believing in fairies brings Perfect Peter everything he wishes for and more when Henry decides to take him out for a lovely moonlight stroll.


Perfect Peter is reading a book about fairies to Mum, possibly for school, unaware that Horrid Henry and his friend Rude Ralph are sneaking into the kitchen, and they eat nearly all the sweets from the jar, trying not to get caught by Mum. However, they are caught by Mum who discovers the sweet jar almost empty. The boys lied that the fairies did it, but Peter replies that they don't eat sweets. Henry told Peter to be quiet. Mum tells Henry and Ralph to stick their tongues out. As a result, she tells Ralph's mum and bans Henry from choosing a video this weekend, saying that Peter can choose instead. Peter is jubilant and wants to see Fairy Fun again, making Henry scream 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry is drawing a picture of Peter and a smelly fairy on the garden path. He also admits that Peter is way too perfect to get into any trouble. As Ralph's mum arrives to collect him, Henry begins to prove his point. As he comes back into the house, Henry finds his brother making fairy wings. Henry attempts to get Peter into trouble by getting him to cut up Dad's best shirt as extra material. He fools Peter by replying that Dad won't mind. Henry then enters the kitchen and alerts Mum about Peter cutting the shirt. However, Mum is not angry and says that Peter is so creative.

Henry discovers Moody Margaret dancing in a Pink Tutu and falling over. Henry laughs. Margaret says that she's the The Sugar Plum Fairy. Henry insults Margaret, dubbing her as the Sugar Bum Fairy. Margaret grabs Henry by the shirt and doing ballet as she talks about the numerous presents she has received, including a Double Triple Drencher 10,000 and Fairy Wairy Walkie-Talkie-Burpy-Slurpy-Teasy-Weasy doll. Margaret pretends to kick Henry as ballets do. Henry soon retreats from Margaret's garden. Henry says it would take more than a Double Triple Drencher 10000 to get into the Pink Tutu. Then Henry insults Margaret again, this time dubbing her as The Sugar Dumb Fairy. Just then, Henry has a brilliant idea, so he decides to use fairies to get Peter into trouble.

That evening, Henry has gone undercover with Margaret's tutu as his main target. Using a spoon tied to a rope he tries to catch Margaret's Pink Tutu, she becomes suspicious, but Henry successfully maintains his cover by leaning against the wall. He eventually succeeds in getting the tutu as it shows a scene of it being stretched out. He takes the Fairy Wairy Walkie Talkie Burpy Slurpy Teasey Weasey Doll with it. As Henry comes back indoors, clenching what appears to be something in his hands, Peter has finished his fairy wings, but Henry leads him into his room, where he gets him to swear by the Sacred Oath of the Purple Hand to not to tell anyone. This is the next step of Henry's plan, and he then reveals some fairy dust to his brother. Henry convinces Peter he has seen fairies. Peter is excited and wants to see them for himself but then backs out as he is preparing for bed. Henry taunts his brother, calling him 'Too much of a smelly nappy baby' which makes Peter more anxious. Peter eventually decides to go outside with Henry, unaware he has fallen for Henry's plan.

As Henry and Peter enter the garden in the dead of night, Peter has his binoculars at the ready and has arranged both a snack and thank-you letter for the fairies. Henry talks Peter into climbing the tree saying this is the best view to see the fairies. He says 'The things I have to do' as he puts on Margaret's tutu and plays the part of the fairy, unbeknownst to Peter who promptly takes a photo with his camera. Henry suddenly runs back into the house and into his room, leaving the helpless Peter stuck up the tree. This leaves him with no choice but to call Mum and Dad, his cries waking up the entire neighbourhood.

After finding Henry asleep in bed, the parents lose their temper when they discover Peter up in the tree all by himself. Despite helping Peter down the tree, they then tell him off for being outside so late at night with Dad saying, 'This silly fairy stuff has got to stop.' They are further shocked when they discover the ruined fairy wings. Peter tearfully claims that Henry made him climb the tree, but Dad tells him that he is fast asleep in bed which is where Peter should be. After Mum declares to Peter that she is 'so disappointed' in him, he cries loudly before being sent back to his bed, and at this point, Dad notices his best shirt has been cut up to make the fairy wings. Peter is then sent to bed by his parents and banned from watching Fairy Fun.

Henry is happy as he has prevailed in defeating his brother and getting him in told off. However, Mum discovers the embarrassing photo of Henry as the fairy, also unaware that it is indeed her son, and decides to show it to everyone in town, much to Henry's displeasure. He responds by screaming, 'Noooo!!!' ending the episode.



  • The plot of the episode is similar to the story of the same name in the book Horrid Henry's Revenge, especially the scene where Peter is punished for being outside so late at night.
  • The car Ralph's mum drives when she stops off to collect Ralph is a yellow version of the maroon Ford Mondeo driven by Henry's mum and dad.
  • This is the only episode when Henry wants to wear a Pink Tutu.
  • This is the second time that Peter got punished; the first time he got punished was in Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge.
  • It is unknown how Mum believes the photo Peter took is actually a fairy, because she would of recognised Henry's face.
  • Moody Margaret's hair is close to purple in this episode.
  • Mum might've known it was Henry, but it was never revealed.


There are currently 2 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Mum shows Henry the photo Peter took, it is daytime in the photo, but the photo was taken at night.
  • When Margaret says, 'Because I've practised every day.', her mouth was out of sync.


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Horrid Henry And The Fairy Dance