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6 April 2009 (Monday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Laura Beaumont/ Paul Larson/ Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry's Hiccups is the third episode in Series 2 and the 55th episode overall. The episode received mostly positive reviews from critics.


How horrid can you be when you've got the hiccups? Henry finds out.


Henry and Peter were having breakfast when Peter hiccupped so Mum gave him some honey. Henry starts to hiccup too, but Mum told him that he has super hiccups which his cure will be Pickled Onion Juice and he screams, 'NOOO!!', opening the title card.

At school, Ralph told Henry he found his favourite book and Henry said, 'Yeah. Look at this.', and laughs. Inside the school, Miss Battle-Axe tells the people to read their book first. Henry tries to read his book, but got the hiccups because of Peter! The kids say, 'Henry's got the hiccups!' but Miss Battle-Axe tells the kids to be silent and tells Henry to tell again. Henry tries to read his book again but then hiccups. Henry needs to find a way to get rid of the hiccups. It's science time, and Henry finds an idea to get rid of the hiccups. He goes to Brian and tells him to make a potion to scare his hiccups away, but that didn't work.

Outside, Josh thinks Henry should be sad to get rid of his hiccups. Henry takes out his pocket money but his hiccups made them drop into the drain which made him angry. Ralph comes and gives Henry a fright, but it didn't work, so Henry decided to frighten someone else. Henry makes the biggest water balloon ever and walks over to the girls, but then he hiccups again and Margaret pops the balloon making him all wet. Al times Henry by doing handstands but it didn't work so Bert pours some ice cubes in his shirt at the back, but that didn't work either. Then Ralph comes and gives Henry a really big fright but it didn't work at all. Andrew told Henry that Miss Oddbod wants to see him in her office much for his dismay.

Inside, Miss Oddbod introduced Henry to Mr Snapshot who heard about him hiccuping in school 9,383 times. Miss Oddbod says that if Henry hiccups four more times, he could break a record for that. Mr Snapshot says there's £50 of price money, and Henry says: 'I'm going to be rich and famous!' and goes outside. Before Mr Snapshot snaps a picture of Henry for hiccuping one more time, Peter and his friends arrived and he puts a frog in his trousers. It makes him scream, curing his hiccups since it worked on Peter. With that Henry looks at the frog, and it hiccups, and he shouts, 'NOOOOOO!!!'.



  • It proves how much The Secret Club hate Henry. They say that Henry is the smelliest boy in the school and can't decide apart from him. It means that they think he's the only smelly boy in the series.


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  • When Henry said, 'I've got to get rid of the hiccups!', there is a loud static noise you can hear. However, this error is only on the Netflix version, not the TV version.


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Horrid Henry's Hiccups