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11 June 2007 (Monday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Dave Ingham

Horrid Henry's Hideo Video is the thirty-sixth episode in Series 1 and the 36th episode overall.


Henry is trying to record a funny video for a reality, comedy TV show.


The episode begins with Horrid Henry watching Laugh 'Till It Hurts! and laughs at a clip featuring a man falling off of a tree after trying to rescue his cat. The TV presenter Tornado reminds the viewers to record a funny video for a chance of winning £200. Henry imagines what it would be like with the cash prize. Perfect Peter comes in a tells Henry that he wants to see Happy Hippos ABC. After asking him to borrow his video camera for a 'Video Diary', Henry sets off to record some funny videos. Henry says that next time this week, he'll be £200 pounds richer and laughs, opening the title card.

Henry's first video features his Dad getting attacked by Fluffy while fixing his car. Moody Margaret comes up to Henry and wants to see his video, but then it got deleted when he snatches the camera and blames it on Margaret. Margaret is planning to get revenge on Henry after this event.

The next footage is a prank with a dish of flour on the top of the door, with his toy spiders on the floor. Mum comes to shopping and she is about to open the door but is then interrupted by Dad asking her. Henry says that if there's no funny disaster, he won't get £200, and there's not much time left. The dish of flour hits Peter, making him cough, and Henry gets a 'Eureka!' moment and a 'fall guy' when Peter falls for the prank.

In the garden, Peter is tied on the rope to do a bungee jump that Henry is recording. Peter does the jump and wins but Henry yanks the rope (saying that it was supposed to snap) but falls into the paddling pool because Margaret untied the rope. The next video features Peter riding his bike without stabilizers for the first time, not noticing, Margaret secretly removes the brakes. Peter tries to ride safely while going through things, but unfortunately, Henry gets hit by the bike and collapses on the ground.

After he is woken up by Dad, Henry is told that Prissy Polly is coming for tea. So Henry then puts the tripwire on the table cloth with the cake on and films Polly's visit. Margaret rolls a skateboard behind Henry, causing him to fall on the wire and then gets hit by the cake!

Peter is watching TV, but Henry changes into Laugh 'till it hurts!. The family watches the show and laughs at the clips that feature Henry's disasters, which amuse everyone but Henry. Then the presenter reveals the winner which is Margaret and showing her on a blue piece of paper. Henry got so furious at Margaret, he then transformed into a gorilla and was about to kill Margaret, but Dad then tells Henry that he gets a call for him to do an advertisement and pay him £250! Henry does an advert on Ring a Ding Pizzas. Margaret, who is by the window, has the taped recording to show to the class, but Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • The word Hideo is truly a Japanese name.
  • The Horrid Gorilla was probably Henry's largest transformation ever.
  • This is the first episode when Henry and Margaret are on TV. Margaret only appeared on a piece of paper, though.


The transcript can be found here.

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Horrid Henry's Hideo Video