Horrid Henry's Hike

Don't be horrid, Henry!

Season 1, Episode 8


The Premiere episode
November 9, 2006 (Thursday)
Previous episode
"Horrid Henry's Sports Day" (Episode 7) (08.11.2006)
Next episode
"Horrid Henry's Christmas" (Episode 9) (24.12.2006)

Horrid Henry's Hike is the fourth episode of Series 1.


Henry hates hiking, especially when there's a Rapper Zapper marathon on TV so he decides to show his family just how dangerous the countryside can be.


Mum with Dad's clothes

Mum with the colours of Dad's clothes.

  • When Dad says "5p off, 10p off, 15p off, 20p off", Mum's top and cardigan are the same colour as Dad's sweater and jacket.
  • After Perfect Peter's wellies land on the bull's horns, the wellies are not shown when the bull slams his head against the fence, and they reappear when he is shown to have broken the fence down.