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10 November 2006 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Malcolm Williamson

Horrid Henry's Hike (episode) is the first episode in Series 1 and the 1st episode overall. It is also the Pilot episode of the Horrid Henry series. The episode received a mixed to positive reception, with many critics praising elements of the script but calling the episode inferior to most of the rest of Series 1.


Henry hates hiking, especially when there's a Rapper Zapper marathon on TV, so he decides to show his family just how dangerous the countryside can be.


Peter was watching a nature channel, but Henry came into the living room and tried to distract Peter. He buried Peter with a blanket so he could watch the 6-hour Rapper Zapper marathon. Then Mum opens the door and saw Peter and Henry. Peter tells Mum that Henry buried him, and Mum said, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. Mum gave Peter some red wellies, and Peter asked if he could go for a walk in them. Mum said that was a great idea, but Henry doesn't want to go, so he said, 'No!' and then Mum tells Henry that they're going for a walk now. Henry shouts, 'Noooo!!!' opening the title card.

Henry checks outside if it was raining or snowing. Henry was mad that he was going to miss the Rapper Zapper marathon. Dad came to the door and told Henry it's time to go for a hike, but Henry tells Dad he needs to watch Rapper Zapper. Henry asked Dad about the car if the park is down the road. Dad said they're going to the countryside. Henry said, 'No' and thinks they will get eaten by Man-Eating Chickens (Henry imagines his family getting chased by 5 Man-Eating Chickens). Henry asked if we can go around the block, but Dad said: 'N-O spells no.'. Henry was telling them they will be sorry (Henry imagines again of Henry's funeral), but Dad told him to get in the car right now. Henry said he's pretending to be in the city and walks away, but Dad grabs him and puts him in the car.

Peter went out of the car and saw a pigeon. Dad tells him to get out, but Henry locks the door and underwritten to them, 'They can't make me.' Dad said each step he takes is 5p off his pocket money until he catches up and starts counting. Henry's family starts walking, but Henry was feeling a mood. Peter found a nuthatch and then tells Henry, but he missed it. Henry took Peter's binoculars, and Mum tells Henry to give Peter back. Henry puts mud on binoculars and gives it to Peter. Peter realizes there was mud while looking through it. Dad tells Henry to help Peter finding something for his nature project. Then Henry gives him an idea. Henry tells Peter to sing to the wasps' nest because they won't sting. Peter climbed up on the tree and started singing to the wasps, but Dad warns Peter to get down.

Mum was disappointing with Henry. Mum tells Henry for something safe for Peter's project. Then Henry had an idea of making his family goes faster. Henry goes quicker, but Mum stepped on mud, and Dad was getting stung by nettles, and then Henry tells Peter, 'Last one to the lake is rubbish!'. And then it zooms in to Peter, and Peter was looking at the camera. Then Henry sees the lake. The family then sang Frere Jacques. Henry later closes the gate and stops singing. He found a bull close at a gate, and he opens the gate where the bull was. The bull chases them, and Henry told them to go faster. Peter's wellies fell off, and Henry caught them, then he says, 'Nah-Nah-Ne-Nah-Nah' to the bull. Mum told Henry to stop, but his eyes turned red. Henry fell off the gate and landed on Dad. The wellies went on the bull, and he growled, and his eyes turned red. Everyone ran to the lake as fast as they can, then it broke the gate. And then they ran off. They fell in the lake. And the bull stops moving, the family coughs except Henry, then Henry sneezes, and they went back home. And Peter was rubbing his wellies.

At home, Mum said the next time they go to the park, then she sneezed. Peter says, 'You ruined my wellies.' and 'I still haven't gotten anything for my nature project' to Henry. Then Henry got a frog out of a wellie and threw the pond water at Peter. Then Peter yells for Mum, and the TV says there is another episode of Rapper Zapper. And then Henry watches Rapper Zapper, ending the episode.


  • Horrid Henry (first appearance)
  • Perfect Peter (first appearance)
  • Mum (first appearance)
  • Dad (first appearance)
  • Bull (only appearance)
  • Rude Ralph (first appearance, silhouette in Henry's imagination)
  • Moody Margaret (first appearance, silhouette in Henry's imagination)
  • Miss Battle-Axe (first appearance, silhouette in Henry's imagination)
  • Man-Eating Chickens (in Henry's imagination)
  • Cow
  • Man (talking on TV)



  • This is the first episode where Henry screams: 'Noooo!!!' (in terms of production order, not broadcast order).
  • This episode marks the first time when Henry gets a 'Eureka!' moment.
  • This marks the first episode with only just Henry, Peter, Mum and Dad in this episode, although Margaret, Ralph and Miss Battle-Axe all appear in Henry's imagination as silhouettes.
  • In Nicktoons' airings of this episode, it's listed as the first episode in Series 1 (because it was the first episode to be produced).
  • This was the first episode of the show to be produced, but the eighth episode to be broadcast.


Mum with the colours of Dad's clothes.

There are currently 10 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Hike (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Dad starts deducting Henry's pocket money by 5p each step, Mum's clothes are the same colours as Dad's.
  • When Dad warns Peter about the wasps' nest, Peter's wellies are brown.
  • When Peter's wellies fell off, Peter's wearing socks, but when the bull stops at the fence, Peter's wearing his normal shoes.
  • After Peter's wellies land on the bull's horns, the wellies do not appear when the bull headbutts the fence, and they reappear when he appears to have broken the fence down.
  • When Mum and Peter got wet at the lake, Peter's hand changed red for a split second.
  • When they got home feeling sick, Mum was wearing her pyjamas, but when Henry said, 'Yes, Mum', Mum is wearing her normal clothes.
  • When Mum left the living room, Henry is wearing his normal shoes instead of his crocodile shoes.
  • When Mum left the living room to get some rise, she left the door opened, but when Peter yells Mum and left the room, the door closed.
  • When Peter yells Mum and left the room, the door closes by itself.
  • At the end, when Henry yells, 'Go Rapper Zapper!', Peter's wellies have disappeared.


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