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23 November 2006 (Thursday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Malcolm Williamson

Horrid Henry's Hobby is the third episode in Series 1 and the 3rd episode overall.


Perfect Peter has a gold gizmo, but Henry wants one. He needs one! Can he get a gold gizmo from a Sweet Tweet box?


Horrid Henry was up early in the kitchen getting cereal boxes of sweet tweets looking for the gold gizmo he needs for the last one in his gizmo collection. Then Perfect Peter came to the kitchen carrying his books and got very surprised when he saw Henry getting out the gizmo from the cereal because it was Peter's turn. Peter shouts, 'NO!' and ran to the cereal on the table, but Henry trips him over and all of Peter's books fall too. Henry told Peter to get out of the way. Peter was trying to snatch the cereal, but Henry was trying not to let him do that. Mum came into the kitchen and saw Henry and Peter fighting over the cereal. Peter said, 'It's my turn to get the gizmo from the cereal!' and starts crying. Mum snatches the box out of Henry's hands and gave the cereal box to Peter. Henry was worried if that might be gold, so he tells Mum to get another cereal box of sweet tweets quickly. She said 'No' and until three more cereal boxes of sweet tweets in the cabinet. Henry keeps complaining about the gold gizmo until Peter saw something shiny out of his hands. It's the gold gizmo, but Henry bangs the table and shouts, 'NOOOOOO!' and the cereal packets get bounced off the table, opening the title card.

In the school, the students kept their bag in a corner and Rude Ralph told them that he got the blue gizmo. Singing Soraya shown her green, Anxious Andrew shown his yellow and Beefy Bert showed his black gizmo. Ralph said that the black gizmo is like his brain. Margaret entered and was asking which coloured gizmo she is having. She said that she has a silver one. Henry entered and said that he is having the gold. He was asked how the gold gizmo looks like. Henry said that he can do anything with the gold gizmo and dreamed that his name was getting shouted by the people while he went to the queen's residence by car. When he went out of the car, the queen ran down the stairs asking that where is the gold gizmo. Margaret shouted that where is it and the dream got spoiled. Henry said that it is in house, he cannot bring it due to the fear of getting stolen. One said that his lunch box also got stolen, Margaret said that this is nonsense. Henry does not have the gold gizmo and said to him, liar. He ate the eaten chocolate of his friend, while Margaret said that if he would have been having the golden gizmo, he would have shown everyone. His friends said that they want to see it fast and spoke together. Henry said that they would show it in the morning and everyone's eyes would get off after seeing it. Margaret teased Henry by saying that he should get lost. Henry said to himself that he would have to do something tomorrow.

Peter was cleaning his gizmos in his room. Henry entered the room and said posters, cars, book collection. Peter interrupted in between and asked him what was he doing. Henry said that he is seeing that what things he is going to get after Peter goes, as the gold gizmo is dangerous. Peter asked him the reason and said that everyone wants gold gizmo. Henry said that what would happen by its bad luck. Peter asked about the bad luck. Henry called him dumb and asked that he does not read the newspapers or what. Henry also said that it is written in the newspaper that whoever would get the gold gizmo, their bad luck would start.




  • This is the only episode where Henry shouts louder than Mum.
  • This episode marks the Queen's first appearance, in Henry's imagination.
  • The animation style is a bit different in this episode. The characters' faces look paler.
  • This episode is the first time that the school makes an appearance.
  • This episode marks the first time Henry shouts 'Noooo!!!' at the end of the episode.
    • It also marks the first time that an episode has a bad ending.


There are currently 14 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Hobby. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Henry goes into the kitchen in the morning when he's getting the boxes of Sweet Tweets, the hallway is miscoloured.
  • When Henry goes into the kitchen to look for a bedtime snack, the hallway floor is missing a carpet.
  • When Peter says, 'Don't die! Please don't die!', his mouth movements don't match his words.
  • When Graham asks Margaret about her gizmo, Soraya's green gizmo is orange.
  • Andrew has a yellow gizmo, but in the chart board when it shows the list of gizmos, yellow isn't there.
  • When Margaret said, 'We'll be waiting.', the inside of the school is missing the floor and front doors.
    • Lazy Linda appeared talking with Sour Susan, although she was with Margaret and Henry's friends.
  • When Moody Margaret snatches the Double Drencher 3000, Lazy Linda's eyes clip through the Double Drencher 3000 and Margaret's hand.
  • The wall in the upstairs hallway is pink at certain points. All those during the scene in Henry's bedroom are fixed in the DVD version.
    • When Henry opens the door of Peter's room.
    • When Henry says, 'Just seeing what I want when you're gone.'
    • When Peter lets Margaret into Henry's room.
    • When Margaret asks to see Henry's gold gizmo.
    • When Henry says, 'A gold gizmo is everything. I'm not giving it up.'
    • When Margaret takes a crisp from Peter's bowl.


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Horrid Henry's Hobby