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29 December 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Alan MacDonald

Horrid Henry's Holiday (episode) is the twenty-sixth episode in Series 1 and the episode overall.


Mum and Dad take Henry and Peter camping in France for a holiday, but this isn't exactly Henry's idea of fun. Can Henry make his parents and Peter feel the same way?


The episode begins with Henry and his family driving in the car through a motorway in France. Mum, Dad and Peter are singing Frere Jacques, but Henry sings: 'Are we there yet?'. Peter is learning French from a book, so Henry asks him what's French for 'worm'. Just then, Henry spots Camp Le Fun, where Ralph went last year. He says it has three pools and 124 TV channels. He tells Dad to turn there, but Dad keeps going, saying they're having a real camping holiday at the campsite instead, close to the joys of nature. Upon hearing this, Henry screams: 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

At the campsite, the family are putting up their tent. Henry asks where the TV and pool are, and isn't happy to learn that there's no TV and they have to swim in the lake. Finally, Henry asks where the toilets are. Dad initially says there are no toilets either, to the dismay of Henry, Peter and Mum, but reveals he's only joking and points to a rundown-looking cubicle. Peter is unsure to begin with, but Dad reminds him that this is real camping. When Dad asks Henry to hand him a tent peg, Henry takes the nearest one, belonging to the French Camper's washing line, causing the line to collapse. The French Camper picks up his washing and walks away, muttering to himself. Henry asks why can't they stay at Camp Le Fun, but Dad insists that comfy beds and hot showers is not real camping.

Next, Henry, Peter and Dad go for a swim in the lake. Dad dives in first, but finds the lake very cold. Peter follows and encourages Henry to join him, but Henry refuses, because he thinks the snakes will get him. Dad tries to get Henry to go in, but Henry grabs on to a tree. When Dad tries to pull him off, they both go flying into the lake, much to Peter's amusement. Henry stands up, soaking wet and freezing cold, and says he hates nature.

Henry goes to great lengths to escape the campsite. Later that night, Peter wakes up in the tent after hearing a noise. Henry tries to scare Peter by saying it might be a werewolf. When Peter needs the toilet, he wants Henry to go with him in case he meets a werewolf. Henry locks Peter in the toilet and takes his torch to stand guard with it, because werewolves don't like light. Henry leaves Peter in the toilet and goes back to the tent, but he goes into the French Camper's tent by mistake. Henry and the French Camper both scream and the French Camper tells Henry to go to sleep. Henry apologises and runs back to his own tent, but bumps into Mum, who was looking for Peter. When she asks where Peter is, Henry suggests he's asleep. Just then, Peter appears and tells Mum what happened. Henry begs to be sent home, but Mum says, 'Oh no, you don't.', saying that Dad wants to be close to nature and that is what they are doing. Henry asks why can't they camp in their back garden, as it's also close to nature and has proper toilets (the second part being to Peter's approval). Then Henry has an idea: if they want to be close to nature, they can be close to nature!

The next morning, Henry dumps a shovel of manure outside the tent, which Dad steps in. When Henry walks by, whistling, Dad suspects Henry left it there. Then Henry lets the sheep from the next field loose on the campsite by opening the gate. Mum is trampled by the stampeding flock of sheep and when she goes back to the tent, sheep come running out, giving her a fright. That night, Henry makes Bunny look like a werewolf by attaching clothes pegs to him and scares Peter with its shadow from outside.

The next day, Mum, Dad and Peter are playing cards. Henry complains he's bored, so Peter suggests they go for a walk. Henry protests because it's raining and when Peter says he loves walking in the rain, Henry turns into a Tyrannosaurus Rex and throws the tent over Mum, Dad and Peter then goes to attack Peter, but is stopped by Mum. Henry refuses to go with them, so Dad asks him to collect firewood.

Henry goes to the woods to collect the firewood, but is spooked by a bird and trips over a tree root. Henry comes running out of the woods and trips again, this time over a tent peg belonging to the French Camper's tent. He realises that there is plenty of wood right there and takes pegs from the tent and one from the washing line. The washing line collapses again and this time though, the French Camper is having a campfire. A pair of the French Camper's underpants that were on the line land in the fire. Frantically, he takes out the underpants and stamps out the flames, but is left with a hole burnt in them.

That evening, Henry and his family are enjoying a campfire with toasted marshmallows, using the wood (tent pegs) that Henry found. Dad remarks that was clever of Henry to find so much dry wood. When a thunderstorm begins, Mum declares it's bedtime. Later that night, the tent is flooded and everyone gets wet. In the morning, everyone's tents have collapsed. Peter is upset and wants to go home, admitting he hates nature and hates it at the campsite. Dad tells everyone to stay calm, but Henry notices the French Camper is very angry with them for ruining his holiday. The French Camper walks towards Mum and Dad, waving tent pegs and muttering angrily. Mum and Dad don't know what to do, so the family decide to go to Camp Le Fun after all.

At Camp Le Fun, Mum and Dad are relaxed. Dad realises that Camp Le Fun isn't as bad as he thought and Mum remarks how nice it is to see Henry and Peter playing together. At the top of the water slide, Peter goes to ask Henry if it's deep at the bottom, but before he can finish his sentence, Henry nudges him down the slide. After hearing Peter's splash landing in the pool, Henry says: 'Now this is what I call real camping!' and goes down the slide himself, ending the episode.



  • This episode is the first time Peter dislikes something that's right.
    Nicola caemo .png
  • Nicola appeared in a cameo when it starts raining, and everyone's tents were collapsed, although her name had not been revealed at that point.
  • It is unknown how Peter escapes from the toilet since Henry locked the door unless he unlocked the door.
  • This episode is the second time both Mum and Dad react to Henry transforming into a dinosaur, the first being a gorilla in Horrid Henry's Hideo Video.
  • This is possibly the only episode that is set outside the UK, and it is one of only two episodes in which Henry appears outside Ashton. The ending of Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend is set outside Ashton at Old Trafford football stadium up in Manchester, but it is still based in the UK.


Peter Error.JPG

There are currently 7 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Holiday (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • In the tent, when Peter wakes up, he is in his pyjamas. However, when he says, 'What was that?', he is in his clothes. When he says that Henry is just trying to scare him, he is in his pyjamas again.
  • When Henry lets the sheep out of the field, many more sheep leave it than were first in it when Henry opens the gate.
  • After the tent collapses, when Dad tells everyone to stay calm, he's wearing his pyjamas. In the next shot, when the French man walks towards them, he's wearing his usual clothes.
  • Some of the raindrops appear to be moving upwards.
  • When Peter asked, 'Can we go for a walk?', his right eye faces Mum, but his left eye borders the viewers.
  • When Dad said that this was real camping, Peter's trousers were brown.
  • When Henry pushes Peter down the slide at Camp Le Fun, Peter's trunks were green.


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