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Horrid Henry's Horrible Homework

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9 September 2011 (Friday)
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry's Horrible Homework is the eleventh episode in Series 3 and the 115th episode overall.


When Henry discovers an unexpected way to not do his homework, Miss Battle-Axe decides to take him on - with unexpected results.


The episode begins with Henry watching Too Cool For School when Peter comes in and blocks Henry's view. He tells him what Mum says, but Henry tells him to get out of the way. Peter then tells him that Mum says she doesn't care who's going into the Book of anything since his homework is more important. However, Henry just wanted Peter to get out of the way since nothing is more important than the Boog of Doom. Peter then tells Henry to do his homework since Mum said it, but Henry just can't take it anymore. So he turns into a gorilla and grabs Peter. Mum then says: 'Don't be horrid, Henry.'. Mum then comes in and blocks the TV, but Henry told her to get out of the way. Mum then tells Henry to do his homework. Fluffy turns off the TV, but Henry screams: 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

At school, Henry and Ralph were conversing, but then Miss Battle-Axe told them to get in the classroom. In class, Miss Battle-Axe asked Henry what is his excuse for not doing his homework but he doesn't know what to say. During lunch, Brian gives Henry some advice there are websites that can help you with your homework or does them for you which he says. At home, Henry successful tricks Peter and Mum that he is actually doing his homework, but he was searching about Homework Excuses. Later, she said to the class that they should do an essay about Inter Glyco Genetics, after Henry demonstrates it and warns that if anyone doesn't do their homework, they will be given triple detention. Margaret tells Henry and Ralph that her dad's best friend is the head of the Institute of Inter Glyco Genetics. And it just so happens he's coming for dinner tonight at her house.

So, tonight, Henry comes next door and watches the conversation between Margaret and him. Henry copies everything he says, and Margaret copies everything he says, too and successfully finished his mission for his homework.

So then, at the start of school, he delivers his homework, and it appears that Margaret has copied it as Miss Battle-Axe reads it, so then she has to talk with him again, and Miss Battle-Axe told her to attend the three-hour talk as Henry celebrates that Margaret is attending the three-hour talk. However, Miss Battle-Axe thinks that he is an expert on that subject, so he will have to attend that talk too and as Miss Battle-Axe chuckles after saying they will find it fascinating, both Margaret and Henry screamed: 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • Dad is absent in this episode for the fifth time.


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  • When Margaret reveals her father's best friend is the Head of the Institute of Interglyco Genetics, the bottom of her boots turn white for a moment.


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