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Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes

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5 May 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Dave Ingham

Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes is the twenty-seventh episode in Series 1 and the 27th episode overall.


Henry, Ralph, and Peter form a rock band to enter a talent show at school. Henry and Ralph tried to trick every contestant in the stage to win, but they failed big time.


The episode begins with Henry playing on his boombox, a Killer Boy Rats song and singing. He imagines that he is on the stage and everyone says his name in glory. Dad calls Henry twice, turns off the boombox, and tells him for the 1000th time, school right now. Henry says, 'What's the point in school, if I'm going to join the Killer Boy Rats?', but Dad says that there is no way he'll take him to see that band. Henry gets out of his room, but accidentally bumps Peter, so Peter tells on him, and then Dad tells Henry off by saying to him: 'Don't be horrid, Henry.' Then Henry gets angry and shouts, 'It's not fair!', opening the title card.

Henry is in school then and says, to Ralph, that is parents won't take him, Ralph says, 'You should report them to the police.', but then Henry and Ralph see a sign that says there is a school talent competition and all students are welcome, and the first prize is a concert to your own choice. Then Margaret and Susan come saying, 'I wouldn't enter if I were you.' and said that they're going to win. Then they argue if they will win or not. Then Henry thinks of a band name called Henry's Horrid Heroes, and Ralph joins in it. Margaret and Susan make fun of that name. Ralph comes to Henry's house, and they practise, while Peter is playing the Cello. Peter, Dad and Mum can't stand to hear it, so Henry and Ralph go to Henry's fort to practice. While Margaret and Susan are practising for the ventriloquist act, they hear Henry and Ralph playing and they can't stand to hear it. Margaret makes fun of them saying that their not a band, they're just a 'duo' and won't be as good as the 'Killer Boy Rats'. So they bring some of the students from their class and think that their not good enough, but then they get Peter for the band, they didn't have time to practice, so Henry decided something.

The talent competition begins with Al beating the school press-up challenge, then Henry gets a spider and scares Al. The next is Brian and his brilliant brain. Brian says, ask me a question, anything at all. A woman says, 'Who invented the telephone?', Brian says, Alexander Graham Bell. A man says to Brian, 'What is the capital of Portugal?' and then Brian says, Lisbon. Henry asks, 'Who gave Lazy Linda the answers in last week's maths test?' in return for a bag of sweets. Brian reveals he did it, and then Miss Battle-Axe takes him offstage by the ear to have a word. Then it was Margaret and Susan's turn for the ventriloquist act. The audience laughs at them and thinks they're funny. Then Henry finds a lever and moves it, so Margaret and Susan fall out. The final act was Henry's Horrid Heroes, they play the music loud. Margaret sees that Henry is just playing music from his boombox and says, he's cheating. They both fight, but then Margaret turns off his boombox. Ralph is playing, but then the audience says, that they were cheating and says, 'Get off!' and 'Boo!'. Then Henry gets sent to Miss Oddbod's office and also Ralph, then Peter plays his cello and everyone loves it. Henry feels excited that his brother is going to win, so then Henry will get to see the Killer Boy Rats, then he and Ralph get triple detention.

Later at home, Henry's family congratulates Peter and he has tickets, then Mum announces they're all going to see Happy Hippo's on ice, then Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!' ending the episode.




  • This episode is the first time Brainy Brian got into big trouble.
  • A clip is shown later on in Horrid Henry and the Best Boy's Club Sleepover.
  • The poster advertising the talent competition makes multiple cameos in multiple episodes.
  • The way Henry's band are dressed onstage is reminiscent of heavy metal bands.


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Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes