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Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge

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2 November 2007 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Chris Trengrove

Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge is the twentieth episode in Series 1 and the 20th episode overall.


Peter told on Henry, which resulted in him staying in his room. However, he thinks it's Peter's fault, so he decided to plot revenge on him by doing two things: listening to music about revenge on Peter and making paper plane messages.


The episode starts with Peter painting a picture of Mum while he is singing 'Frere Jacques'. After he's done singing, he hears Henry frightening him with an alien mask. Peter runs away and Henry decides to do some finishing touches on his painting. When Peter comes back, he sees that Henry has painted a blue mustache on Mum. Peter starts calling for Mum, so Henry threatens him by saying that he will paint him blue if he does it again. Peter then grabs his paintbrush, and they both fight about the brush. He then falls over, spilling his paint all over the floor and his face. Mum sees what has happened, and Peter blames Henry for it. Mum then sends Henry to his room, and he shouts, 'It's not fair!', opening the title card.

Henry vows revenge on Peter by listening to loud music about getting revenge on him while Mum was cleaning Peter's face. She can see objects moving, and she knows Henry is making noise. So she comes in, turns off the music, and tells him that the more noise he makes, the longer he'll stay in his room, and that he can only leave to go to the toilet. Henry has a lot of fun stuff to do, so he spends the rest of the day playing with his toys.

At night, Henry was sleeping, while Fluffy stares at the night sky and uses the remote to change it to sunrise.

The next morning, Henry wakes up to find that everything in his room except his bed and carpet had disappeared, with a radio that has a recording of Mum telling Henry this. He switches the radio to Destruction FM and starts singing about getting revenge on Peter. When he stops singing, he realises that he has drawn pictures of what he will do to Peter all over his wall. He sends a message to Margaret and Susan in Margaret's garden and they get Ralph to bring him a bucket of paint. He quickly paints his wall and finishes just in time when Mum comes up with his lunch. After Henry tells Mum that he will not do what he did again, he is free to go.

Henry and Ralph start plotting their revenge against Peter when Margaret and Susan come up because Henry said that Margaret could be the leader of the Purple Hand Gang for a whole day if she got Ralph over. When Ralph remarks on how Peter could think that the mask was real, Henry comes up with an idea.

Peter, Gordon, Ted and Sam are painting in the kitchen, when Henry turns the radio over, pretending to be a news reporter saying that Earth is being invaded by aliens. With Ralph, Margaret and Susan helping out with the plan, Peter and his friends instantly fall for it. Henry says that the only way to protect themselves is to paint their faces and the outside of the house blue, which Peter and his friends instantly do.

When Dad comes home, he realises that the exterior of the house is painted blue. Peter delightedly tells him what they did and they start painting Dad as well. Afterwards, Henry, Ralph, Margaret and Susan start laughing fit to burst, talking about what the best bits were, while Henry is glad that he finally got his revenge getting Peter sent to his room for the afternoon, screaming in victory as aliens fly to view, ending the episode.




  • Peter gives an evil smile when Henry is getting told off.
  • When Peter asked when Henry would come out of his room, it may either be because he was concerned about Henry or he was just sick of the music blaring out of his room (which has the most probability).
  • This is where Peter appears as he is being very lucky.
  • There was another version of this episode with the mistakes fixed like (Peter getting his brush back, Henry yells no, the shelf on the wall, Henry writing his second letter, paint, car and the car shot.) It has not been seen much either.
  • This is the first time Peter got punished in the series.
  • This is the first time the aliens appeared but as a cameo at the end of the episode.
  • This is the first episode that changes on the DVD version.


There are currently 10 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • Ralph says that the mask that he is holding is the one that Henry used to frighten Peter, but the mask looks nothing like the one that Henry used.
  • When Dad is driving down the road, the car is maroon, but in the next shot when Dad turns into the driveway, the car is its usual red colour.
  • In the shot where Dad says, 'What?', he is driving on the left side of his car, but when he gets out of the car, he exits from the right side of the car.
  • In the other version, when Henry said 'You must paint your whole face and the outside of your house blue', the paint wasn't shown, but the cups were only shown.
  • In the original version when Peter says, 'Get off, Henry!', his lips did not move.
  • When Henry says that Margaret is just painting her playhouse, his bed sheet disappears the scene after.
  • When Mum is nearly at Henry's bedroom door when he's trying to paint off the drawings in his wall, she has black dotted eyes instead of the normal ones the other characters have.
  • When Mum looks at what happened after Peter spilled his paint, he was on the paint, but when he told her what Henry did, he was next to the paint. This means he was on the floor.
  • When Henry looks around his room for his stuff, the shelf above his bed is missing.
  • When Henry writes his second note to Margaret, no writing appears on the paper while he is scribbling.


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Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge