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28 December 2014
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry's Movie Moments is the twenty-fourth episode in Series 4 and the 180th episode overall.


If you've ever wondered how Henry ended up holding bogey brain's hand when they went to Our Lady Giddiantus school, now's your chance to find out!


The Episode begins with Fluffy asleep on the Couch, only to be interrupted by Horrid Henry and Aerobic Al coming in. Henry and Al proceed to cover Too Cool for School, once the Song is over the three proceed to watch some clips of Henry's new Movie, however Al points out something interesting, he points out how Henry wasn't meant to be holding hands with a Girl. Henry then screams 'Noooo!!!', opening the episode,

Henry ends up having to explain why he had to hold hands with Moody Margaret.The flashback opens up the same way it did in the Movie, with Henry and Margaret entering Our Lady Giddiantus School, as they enter the Hallway, Margaret tells Henry to run away, Henry also has the same imagination where the Picture of Miss Battle-Axe talks to him. Al says its weird, once Henry's upstairs, Margaret's nowhere to be seen, until she pulls him into the Head Mistress' Office, "Go Giddiantus" is heard in the background, and once everything goes Silent, they begin firing stuff at them. The two then discover an entire cupboard of Slime, to which Henry says is cool, the two proceed to fight back against them, Henry then says it should be "Go away Giddiantus". Henry and Margaret then find Miss Battle-Axe, however it's actually her twin. Luckily the two weren't punished, and she decides to help them get out by having them dress up as Girls, much to Henry's dismay.

Just like in the Movie, Henry farts which causes the Girls to go after them. Margaret also drops her Fluffy Fairy, Margaret and Henry proceed to willingly hold Hands and escape the School. Al still thinks its funny that Henry had to hold Hands with Margaret, however Al points out how just about everyone who watched the Episode knows why Henry had to hold Hands with Margaret. The episode ends with Henry screaming Noooo!!!.



  • The 'Our Lady Giddiantus' scene from Horrid Henry: The Movie is recreated in this episode, except in the show's typical animation style instead of live-action. This might mean the movie takes place in the same continuity as the animated series. If so, that means the movie is canon to the series and the events in the movie truly happened.
  • Moody Margaret appears to have a crush on Henry.
  • Aerobic Al thought he had the movie censored. He also breaks the Fourth Wall by pointing out how he and all the other Viewers know why Henry held hands with Margaret


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  • When Mum says, 'Oh, that's a good boy, Peter.', she frowned.


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