Horrid henry's nits book cover


"Horrid Henry's Nits" is the fourth Horrid Henry book written by Francesca Simon.


Horrid Henry and the Fangmangler

Mum is taking Henry and Peter the toy shop the following day but somehow Henry seems to have spent all his money in comics and sweets. Henry however desperately wants the new Dungeon Drinks kit and so must earn some money before tomorrow. That's when a new scheme pops into his head - anyone want to see a Fangmangler?

Horrid Henry's School Trip

A trip to the Local Museum doesn't exactly sound like the most exciting adventure ever, especially when you've a packed lunchbox full of vegetables but Henry is determined to not let this years school trip get him down. Armed with enough schemes to burst out of his ears Henry sets to work - this years school trip is going to be the best ever.

Horrid Henry and the Dinner Guests

When Mum's new boss and her husband are coming over for dinner Dad demands perfect behaviour from Henry. To begin with Henry isn't too bothered about staying out of their way but when he is sent to his bedroom other ideas soon begin to surface. This time however he is determined not to be caught out.



  • At the end of "Horrid Henry's School Trip", Henry said he enjoyed the trip to the museum and that he wants to come again. However, in "Horrid Henry's Big Bad Book", it says in his school fact files that the museum is his most boring school trip.
    • It is possible that he said he enjoyed it sarcastically.
  • In the last illustration of "Horrid Henry's Nits", Margaret is two places ahead of Henry, but she should have been at the front of the line of children.