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Horrid Henry's Perfect Day (episode)


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24 May 2008 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Alan MacDonald

Horrid Henry's Perfect Day (episode) is the twenty-eighth episode in Series 1 and the 28th episode overall.


Horrid Henry can't go to the fair because of his school report has been graded an F-, the worst grade possible! Can he prove that he can go to the fair by being good as gold?


The episode starts with Peter playing the 'I Spy' game in the car. Having seen a funfair, Henry yelled the word, but Peter stated that 'Funfair' does not begin with his letter. They looked at the funfair, and Henry wanted to go, so he said so to Mum. She says that having gotten an F- for his report was not good, and only good children get to go to the fair. Henry is also banned from treats. Peter asked whether he could go, and Mum said yes. Having heard this, Henry thought that that was not fair, opening the title card.

When Henry slept, he had a dream about being with the judge for being horribly horrid. When the judge permanently bans him from the fair, he has a 'Eureka!' moment that he'll be good.

The following day, Henry brought up the juice for Mum and Dad, and Peter saw him. They fought for the tray of juice, and when they got near their parent's door, it opened and Mum stepped out. Peter fell over and spilled the juice, but it looked like Henry had caused it. 'Eh?' was what he said when he was ordered to clean up the mess.

Later, Dad loaded the car with bags to go to the supermarket. Peter behind him said he wanted to go and claimed he loved going there. When Dad opened the door for Peter to enter, Henry shot in. Dad ordered him to get out and was asked for the reason, i.e. Henry putting a tied up Peter on a conveyer belt and causing the cashier to faint. Henry promised that he would not do that again, and he was trusted.

At the supermarket, the two brothers were fighting over who gets to push the trolley. When Henry still refused, Peter lied to Dad that Henry was being mean. The common statement of 'Don't be horrid, Henry!' was said, and Henry relented. Dad misheard, but his words sunk in, causing him to think that Henry was not alright. He asked that, and Henry answered with, 'Fine, thank you.'.

Dad wanted Henry to get baked beans, and he and Peter ran for it. Henry decided to take it at the pile of baked beans stacked up. Peter saw that and warned him. Dad arrived, but after Henry told him he got the baked beans, he fell. He said that he had the baked beans despite falling.

Soon, it was lunchtime, and Dad wanted Peter to lay the table. Henry wanted to and asked, and Dad said he could, but he told him not to break anything. When Dad walked away, the brothers started fighting over all things, from putting the cutlery to laying the tablecloth on the table. Just then, Dad came in and thanked Peter for laying the table.

While eating lunch, Mum kept criticising things that Henry did not do, but he proved he was not. He then said that he ate all his carrots and showed it to Mum. Peter then said he ate all the carrots too, and she kissed him. He knew what Henry was trying to do and he was getting all the attention, so he kicked Henry, and Henry complained. Mum then cleared the table. Peter then confronted Henry, saying that he would do something horrid sooner or later.

Later, Henry wanted to do the gardening to help Mum. Mum said that there was a job that needs doing, i.e. shovelling poo. Peter and Margaret then came over with Margaret about to do 'battle'. She wanted Henry to surrender, and he did so. Surprised, Margaret said that he had to fight first before he was tied up and walked the plank, which was then he surrendered. Exasperated, Margaret got bored and told Peter to play something else while she was walking away.

Peter then wanted to throw some poo at Henry, but Henry ducked and it landed on Mum while she says when Henry can go to the fair, 'Henry, I...'. Mum asked him why he did that as he had to say something silly; otherwise, he would be punished. Then, she said that Henry was able to go to the fair. With that, Henry jumped onto the pile of poo and some of it landed on Peter and he started to cry. Peter was also crying because Mum was praising Henry more than Peter, even though Henry was going to be horrid later.

Later at the fair, Mum decided that Henry could choose as he was good that day. He happened to choose the roller coaster ride, which was not scary, as Henry claimed. With that, the roller coaster rolled down, splashed into the water, slowly came up, Henry shouts 'AGAIN!' twice, and the roller coaster rolls down again, ending the episode.




  • When Henry said, 'That's not fair!' when declined to go to the fair, it was like a pun as the episode was about a fair.
  • This episode reveals that Peter likes it when Henry does something horrid because it means Peter can tell Mum. This shows that Peter is truly far from perfect.
  • When they went to the funfair, the background people and kids have similar colours of Horrid Henry, Sour Susan, Great Aunt Greta, Rude Ralph, Singing Soraya, Mum, Dad, Perfect Peter, and Stuck-Up Steve.


There are currently 3 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Perfect Day (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Peter threw the manure at Mum, she cleared away some of it but not all of it. Hence, there was still a little bit here and there. However, when the scene changed to show Mum touching Henry, it's all gone.
  • When Henry and Peter are fighting over the orange juice, the bathroom door has the skull and crossbones flag that should be on Henry's door.
  • When Peter ducks down to pile the manure in the bandana, the eyepatch he was wearing disappears.

Differences from the book

  • In the episode, Henry wants to go to the funfair and decides to be perfect after Mum tells him that only good children can go to the fair. In the book, there is no mention of a funfair and Henry decides to be perfect just out of curiosity.
  • In the book, Peter throws his spaghetti at Henry, but he misses and hits Mum. In the episode, he throws a bag of manure at Henry instead.


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Horrid Henry's Perfect Day