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16 November 2006 (Thursday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
John Brennan

Horrid Henry's School Fair (episode) is the fourth episode in Series 1 and the 4th episode overall. This was later released on the Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge (DVD).


Henry is trying to win a Double Drencher 3000 with the number 42 on his ticket for the pirate tombola at his school.


The episode starts with Horrid Henry and Perfect Peter playing cowboys. Henry wins by having a water pistol, but Peter doesn't. Mum comes into the house carrying the groceries, and Henry comes to help her first. She tells Peter to put the water pistol away and goes to get dried off.

Henry pulls out a Double Drencher 3000, and he was happy at first, but Mum told him that it's a prize for the school fair and takes it off him and says that he has the same chance as everyone else. Henry didn't think that's fair, opening the title card.

In his room, Mum wanted Henry and Peter's old games and toys for the school fair, and Henry is happy to donate his Walkie-Talkie-Burpy-Slurpy-Teasy-Weasy Doll since Great Aunt Greta gave it to him thinking he's a girl.

That night, Henry sneaks into the living room and peeks through the treasure map that Mum's been doing. He has a 'Eureka!' moment after he sees that the winning number is 42.

The next day at the school fair, Henry goes off to find his ticket. Soraya tells him where the pirate prize booth is. Ralph offers Henry a bite of his candy floss, but Henry (mistakes it as being given the whole thing) runs off with it. Beefy Bert tried to catch Henry, but Henry pushes his arm, and he puts his ice cream on his face. Henry hides in a tent and finds Miss Oddbod and everyone playing pin the tail on the donkey. Miss Oddbod chose Henry to play the game, and she binds him and gives him the tail, but then he pins the tail on her bottom by mistake, and he runs out.

When Henry got to the Pirate Prize booth, Miss Battle-Axe told him it's not open yet and wants him to come back later. Then Ralph and Bert see Henry, and he runs away again. Henry was in line for the slide when he heard the pirate prize, so he hurried and slides down towards Soggy Sid. Then Henry saw everyone else in the line for the ticket number, so he comes up with a plan. First, Henry makes a deal with Ralph (who isn't happy about the candy floss incident) by telling him the winning number for 50p. Next, he tells Andrew that the first and second prize is two bungee jumps, and he runs away. Last, Henry tells Margaret that the winning number is 42, but she didn't believe him.

Henry saw Beefy Bert with a winner number and noticed he's got it, so he makes a deal, but he realised it's 75. He saw Peter with two different tickets and chased after him. Henry makes a deal with Peter for the ticket and gives him £1, and the two brothers went to have fun. Henry throws a sponge at Miss Lovely since Peter couldn't do it until the pirate prize was about to be announced. Henry goes off, and Peter apologises to Miss Lovely.

Miss Oddbod says the winning number is 42, and Henry celebrates, although Ralph and Margaret were mad at him for lying and telling the truth. Unfortunately, Henry realised he got the raffle ticket, which means Peter gets the prize. Henry was disappointed when the raffle ticket was announced, and he runs over to it. When Miss Battle-Axe announces the winner, Henry gives her the raffle ticket, but it's for winning tickets only. She gave Perfect Peter the Double Drencher 3000.

Later, Mum can be heard over the loudspeaker about the raffle ticket number 42, and if anyone has it, they can collect the prize. Henry rushes to the raffle booth for the prize. Mum gives Henry the prize, but when he opened the gift, he got his Walkie-Talkie-Burpy-Slurpy-Teasy-Weasy Doll from earlier. Shocked, he yells 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.




Rude Ralph: Want a bite? (shows Henry his candy floss)

Horrid Henry: Yeah, thanks! (steals the candy floss and runs away with it)

Rude Ralph: Oi, come back! Bert, stop him!

(When Bert tries to stop Henry, he pushes his arm, causing him to stab ice cream on his face)


  • Peter is confirmed to be 6 years old in this episode as 42 in dog years is equivalent to nearly 7 in human years.
  • This episode is the first time that Henry transforms in this episode, first being the Horrid Hawk.
  • This episode is Great Aunt Greta's first appearance, first in a flashback and later a cameo in the background.
  • This is the first episode in production order when Henry screams something else other than 'Noooo!!!'.
  • The is also the first episode when Henry screams "It's not fair!" in production order.
  • This is the first time Ralph became enemies with Henry.
  • This is one of the seven episodes where Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret both lose throughout the episode. The others are Horrid Henry's Aquarium, Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick, Horrid Henry and the Secret Club, Horrid Henry Gets a Job, Perfect Peter, Popstar and Horrid Henry on TV.


There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's School Fair (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Henry goes downstairs at night, first he opens the door to Peter's bedroom and looks out while in his clothes. But when it cuts to the part when he leaves his bedroom and goes downstairs, he comes out of his door and is in his pyjamas.
  • When Henry was singing that he had 42, he disappeared in the crowd of children.
  • When Henry is on the steps to the slide, Peter was behind him. But after the scene with the announcer, there is now a child with a green jumper with dark red hair behind him.
  • When Peter brings his bags into Henry's room, if you look closely at the wall behind Peter it is pink, but in the next shot, if you look to the right, the wall is green - the usual colour. It then reverts to pink again when Mum tells them not to go in the living room.


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Horrid Henry's School Fair