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29 October 2007 (Monday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Kelly Marshall

Horrid Henry's School Trip (episode) is the eighteenth episode in Series 1 and the 18th episode overall.


When Horrid Henry's school are going on a trip to the Frosty Freeze ice cream factory, they find out it's closed. Then they must go to the museum.


Dad is preparing Henry's packed lunch for his school trip to the Frosty Freeze ice cream factory, but Henry doesn't like celery and carrots and takes them out of his lunch box, much to Dad's annoyance. Henry tries to tell Dad that he hates celery and carrots but Dad interrupts him and blackmails Henry with no school trip if he doesn't take them. Peter comes in, wearing the same shirt as Henry, who then accuses him of being a copycat. He then turns into a bear and grabs Peter, but not before Mum threatens to send him to his room. Dad tells Henry not to make a fuss and that no one will notice. Henry replies that he doesn't want anyone to know he and Peter are related.

At the school, Peter's class leaves for the museum, while Henry is glad he's not going on the same trip as his brother. However, Miss Battle-Axe announces that the ice cream factory is closed today, which makes. the class disappointed. She tells the class that they are going to the museum instead, which disappoints them even more and making Henry scream, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

As the coach arrives at the museum, the class is making a din and Miss Battle-Axe yells for them to calm down. Inside the museum, their curator introduces herself as Mrs Crunch. As she drones away, Henry tells Ralph he wants to see the dinosaur exhibit, and he replies, 'Me too!', but Mrs Crunch says that it is presently closed to the public. Henry tells her that Dad says she has a mummy. Mrs Crunch laughs and tells him that he means the mummy from the Ancient Egypt gallery. However, that had to make way for the dinosaur exhibit, so it too is closed to the public. Henry wants to come back when they're open, but Mrs Crunch becomes serious and warns Henry of the Naughty Children's Room for those who find civilized behaviour impossible and that he would be wise to avoid it. She then guides the class to their first exhibit.

In the nature exhibit, Henry continues to misbehave by yelling, 'It's alive!' like Frankenstein. Mrs Crunch notices that Henry was right and the ground is very much alive because of worms living in the soil as she opens the tub of worms living in it. Henry decides to throw worms at everyone which causes the tub of worms to be knocked over. Miss Battle-Axe is annoyed and demands that everyone pick up the worms immediately. As Henry pretends to go to the toilet, Mrs Crunch who is very angry says that she is very disappointed with the child responsible for this.

As Peter's class walks by, Henry hides behind a bin as to not be spotted. Nearby, two men are carrying an Egyptian statue, placing it in front of Henry and go to lunch. Henry finds this as another opportunity to be horrid. One of the security guards manages to frighten Henry by speaking into his microphone to make him think the statue spoke. Having been tricked by the guard, he gets his own back as he gets a rolled-up newspaper and whispers, 'GOODBYE' in a ghostly voice to spook the guard.

Later, Henry rejoins his class, sneaking into the elevator to go to the Egyptian exhibit, where he finds an actual sarcophagus. Trying to duck behind the mummy, he bangs his head and also destroys a dinosaur skeleton before the security guard tries to catch him, but Henry scarpers. The other security guard discovers the runaway Henry, and they both pursue the horrid boy into the Victorian exhibit. Then, after he scarpers into the model city and goes into hiding, they mistakenly capture Peter and take him to the naughty children's room, believing they recognize him because of his T-shirt, as Miss Lovely follows them.

After Henry's class arrives, Henry returns, and Miss Battle-Axe is pleased with Henry for being good, replying that next time they will go to the ice cream factory. Henry celebrates, but he accidentally knocks over the model city in the process, causing Miss Battle-Axe to yell, 'HENRY, YOU HORRID BOY!!!!!'. Henry winks and laughs at the camera, ending the episode.



  • When Mum tells Henry not to be horrid or he'll spend the rest of the day in his room, her voice sounds slightly different than normal. This was because Tamsin Heatley was off sick on the day of studio recording and was temporarily replaced by Sue Elliott-Nicholls, who also voiced Moody Margaret.
    • The same goes with Tidy Ted, another character Heatley voiced. His only line in the episode: “Wait for Me!” is done by Aidan Cook in his Rude Ralph voice.
  • There's an orange cat seen in the background when it shows Miss Lovely's class. The cat is similar in Horrid Henry's Time Capsule.
  • This is the second time William was seen happy, first was Horrid Henry and the New Teacher.
  • It is unknown how the security guards could probably have confused Peter for Henry because despite them wearing the same T-shirt, they had different hair, different trousers and different shoes.
  • Throughout the whole episode, Henry wears a T-shirt rather than a jumper. It looks precisely the same as his jumper but is just short-sleeved.
  • When Henry screams to open the episode, his hair looks longer than usual.


There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's School Trip (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Mrs Crunch introduces herself to the class, there are two Ralphs.
  • When Gordon is standing next to the bus, the cat is grey (the same colour as Fluffy). In the next shot when Peter's class is boarding the bus, the cat is orange.
  • When Spotless Sam and Goody-Goody Gordon walk to the next exhibit, Sam is missing his blue stripes.
  • When the bus is about to park itself, nobody can be seen driving the bus.

Differences from the book

  • In the book, after Henry asks to go to the toilet, he goes to the packed lunch room and swaps the healthy food in his packed lunch for the unhealthy food in everyone else's. Later, when the children go to eat their lunches and see this, a food fight breaks out between them. This scene is omitted from the episode, possibly due to time constraints.
  • In the book, the t-shirt Henry and Peter wear is purple striped with gold stars. In the episode, it is blue with yellow stripes, like Henry's usual jumper.
  • In the book, the skeleton Henry accidentally destroys is that of a dog, and it breaks apart when he falls on it while trying to walk the protective cord like a tightrope. In the episode, it is a Tyrannosaurus Rex's skeleton, and it breaks apart when Henry tries to re-attach the missing claw, but loses his balance and grabs onto it for support.
  • In the book, Mum helps out at the school trip to the museum. This doesn't happen in the episode.


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Horrid Henry's School Trip