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Horrid Henry's Sick Day

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2 November 2007 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Kelly Marshall

Horrid Henry's Sick Day is the twenty-second episode in Series 1 and the 22nd episode overall.


Henry plans to take a day off school pretending to be ill, but he instead finds himself playing doctor when everyone comes down with the dreaded lurgy.


Horrid Henry was sleeping in his bed when Mum yells at him to get up. Mum tells him that there is a spelling test today. Henry feels tired and remembers the last time he did on his spelling test (he failed because he didn't learn his spellings). Henry got an idea of pretending to be sick, so he used baby powder to pour it on water, he used his finger and put it all over his mouth. Mum came to Henry's room and saw Henry sick (pretending to be sick). Henry told Mum he doesn't feel well. Mum feels Henry's head and tells him he's feeling fine already. Henry walked up to the door and heard that Mum and Dad are talking about him being sick. Henry was happy that his plan worked. Mum came in and told him why he's not getting dressed. Henry said he was sick, but Mum was talking about Peter being sick. Henry asked why Peter is sick and shouts, 'That's not fair!', opening the title card.

Henry then asks why Peter is sick and not him. Mum says, 'Don't be horrid, Henry.' and tells him that baby powder and water don't mix. Henry yells 'I want to stay at home!' Peter then says he feels much better and says he wants to go to school as it's science today, but he then runs to the toilet and throws up. Henry imitates Peter's throwing up sound, but Mum pointed her finger at Henry and said he is not sick and he is going to school. Then Peter comes out of the bathroom, and Mum says that Peter is sick and he is staying at home. Peter groans, but Henry gets angry and says 'No!' to Mum.

Henry then picks up his trainers, saying why his parents don't realise he is being invaded by germs. Then, in Henry's imagination, germs invade his room. The imagination ends, and Henry decides on either to get sick, or spelling. Then Henry gets the germs from the trainers, holds his mouth and runs to the bathroom and really throws up. Mum says, 'Oh, dear. Henry, too.' and then tells Henry that he would be staying home after all. Henry says, 'Yes!' but Mum says Henry can't play on the computer if he is sick. Henry tells Mum that playing computer games will make him feel better, but Mum says he will be well enough to go to school if he is well enough to play.

Later, Henry sits on his bed with some comics, bored. Then Henry tries finding ways to entertain himself but nothing he did helped. However, he then bounced a soccer ball with his legs. Later, Henry yells that his bed's too hot, then Peter yells that his bed's too cold. Then Henry yells he's hungry while Peter yells he's thirsty. Henry and Peter then yell for Mum.

Later, Henry and Peter go to Mum and Dad's room to see Mum laying down in bed. Both of them say, 'Mum?'. Mum said she feels terrible and asks the boys to look after themselves. Then Mum asks for a glass of orange juice, but Henry says 'No!'. Then Mum asks for ice cream for a stroke, and Henry groans.

The scene cuts to the kitchen, where Henry squeezes orange juice, but then says 'Ouch!' as his eye hurt. Then, while Henry is scooping ice cream, the phone in the kitchen rings, and Henry answers the phone. Miss Oddbod answers and asks if it is Henry on the line. Henry lies that it is Peter on the line. Next, Miss Oddbod asks whether Henry's mother is there, as she wants to speak to her about Henry missing his spelling tests. Just then, the ice cream from the spoon melts on the kitchen floor. Henry says he has to go and hangs up.

Mum calls to Henry about her drink, then Peter calls about where is his ice cream. Henry groans and says that when he's king, only one person is allowed to be sick. Then envelopes land on the floor beside the door, making Mum call, 'Henry? Is that the post?' and Henry groans. Henry bends down to pick up the post, but Henry loses his balance and drops the tray. Henry answers the door and the sees water man. Henry says Mum is sick, and then cleans up the mess. Henry then continues scooping ice cream and pouring orange juice.

Mum then asks Henry to fill the bath and everything with water, but Henry then leaves all the taps on. Then Henry turns into a gorilla and starts growling, but Mum calls Henry to answer the door once again, and the water man comes once again. When Henry gets ready to play on the computer, Dad gets home and tells Henry he feels absolutely awful and says he is going to bed. Dad opens the bathroom door but the water overflows, flooding the house. Henry says that nobody turned off the taps, and says that he is so cold. Henry then sneezes, and says that he is really sick. Henry then says, 'I want to go to SCCCHHOOL!!!', ending the episode.




  • The ending where the bathroom is flooded is possibly based on the ending of Horrid Henry's Bathtime, where Henry and Peter both leave the taps on and Mum and Dad forget to put them in the bath, causing the house to flood.


There are currently 2 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Sick Day. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Peter complains that his bed is too cold, he's in Henry's room rather than his own.
  • When Mum says "If you're not up to it, perhaps you should go back to bed', her hair changes.

Differences from the book

  • In the episode, Mum catches Peter's bug halfway through and goes back to bed, with Henry having to run around after her and Peter. In the book, Dad comes home from work feeling poorly and goes back to bed, with Mum having to run around after him, Henry and Peter, which results in her feeling tired and going back to bed herself.
  • In the book, Henry and Peter argue about what to watch on TV, resulting in them being sent to their rooms. This doesn't happen in the episode, with Peter mostly staying in his room.
  • In the episode, Henry receives a visit from a plumber telling him that the water is being turned off for maintenance, requiring him to fill everything. However, he accidentally leaves the taps on, flooding the bathroom after the water comes back on. None of this happens in the book.
  • In the episode, Henry wants to take the day off sick to avoid getting into trouble for not doing his spelling homework. In the book, he wants the day off sick because he doesn't want to go to school while Peter gets to stay home and watch TV.
    • Consequently, in the book, Miss Oddbod doesn't phone Mum to tell her about Henry missing his spelling test.
  • In the episode, Henry sniffs his smelly shoes to make himself throw up. In the book, he just pretends he's feeling ill, and Dad gives in and lets him stay at home.


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Horrid Henry's Sick Day