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5 September 2011 (Monday)
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Written by
Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson is the seventh episode in Series 3 and the 111th episode overall.


A day out with Great Aunt Greta! Henry thinks this could be his worst nightmare - but sometimes things just don't turn out the way you think they will!


Henry hears the doorbell while coming downstairs telling the audience it's the postman bringing his special delivery DVD of Gross Class Zero Tops the Pops, but it's only Great Aunt Greta as Peter answers the door to her. She reminds Henry about her birthday treat this afternoon, and she shows him her skipping rope, but Henry yells, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry tells the audience it's so not fair because Peter stays at home to watch TV, while he gets to go to the park with his seriously weird great aunt who thinks he's a girl. Then, The postman shows with Henry's package and Great Aunt Greta gives it to Peter to enjoy. Henry says it's going to be a long day as he follows Great Aunt Greta but then she realised they forgotten something. Henry tells her that she forgotten he's a boy not a girl but Aunt Greta meant her bag on the front porch.

So Henry tries to carry Great Aunt Greta's bag, but it was really heavy and he gives up. Great Aunt Greta told him it's full of rock cakes and calls Henry a very strong girly which made him mad and carries her bag then walks off to the park with Henry running after her. When they got there, Henry sits down and Great Aunt Greta takes a blanket, but she covers him by accident. Henry couldn't see anything when Moody Margaret and Sour Susan showed up and they take off the blanket for him.

The girls saw his great aunt calling him and Margaret says she's seriously weird, but Henry says she is not and tells them to get lost, so the girls left them alone and Henry bids them 'good riddance'. Henry eats the sandwich, but they were with sand and he spits it out saying seriously weird. Great Aunt Greta gets out her skipping rope and ties one end to the tree and gives the other one to Henry.

Great Aunt Greta goes first and she skips, so Henry turns it faster for her, but he turns around and Aunt Greta makes him jump. She asked if he thinks she's seriously weird, but he doesn't answer. It was Henry's turn, so he has a go and Great Aunt Greta turns it slowly to start with. But then, Henry saw Bossy Bill and his Dad, so he quickly hides in the bushes and tells his aunt it's a pterodactyl in the sky as he didn’t want Bill to see him skipping otherwise he would be humiliated (or either because Peter has beaten up Bill previously). Great Aunt Greta tells Bill and his Bob, which caused Bill to tease and be rude to her but Bob decides they should leave as they had an appointment with the Brick House Headmaster.

Henry comes out and he goes back to skipping. He jumps and Great Aunt Greta turns the rope faster, but then Henry's legs get tied up and she doesn't stop swinging it. She doesn't hear what Henry's saying and lets go of the rope and he goes flying into the air.

New Nick and his family were walking when Henry landing on their little dog and he ended up getting kissed by Lisping Lily. Henry told his aunt it was an accident and she was sure their little dog will back to normal. He drinks some lemonade, but he didn't want a rock cake yet. Great Aunt Greta reminds Henry about his skipping lesson so he has to go at it. She turns the rope and Henry jumps when Moody Margaret and Gorgeous Gurinder saw them.

Great Aunt Greta turns the rope and Henry jumps, and he does an impressive trick. Margaret thinks that was seriously weird, but Gurinder was impressed, so the two girls left. In the end, Henry finally tries the rock cake and his aunt told him it's full of flour, butter, sugar and raisins.

Great Aunt Greta asked Henry if he still think she's seriously weird, and he says yes, but he likes it that way. The two of them carry one handle of her bag and head off through the park and Henry smiles at the audience, ending the episode.


Critical reception

The episode originally received positive reviews for its story and humour upon its 2011 broadcast, but since 2012 has gained notoriety due to a pop culture reference that did not age well at all, at the least.

Still, the episode has received continued critical acclaim for it's storyline and appearances of smaller characters.


  • Gross Class Zero Tops the Pops is a clear cut reference to Top of the Pops.
  • The other reason that Henry could be hiding from Bossy Bill and his dad is because of what happened to Bill when he was in Ashton Primary School (which was the last time Henry saw him) when Henry purposely set him up to get beaten up by Perfect Peter. Henry could have got into trouble with Bob for that and Henry's Dad would have a firm word with him and Peter about it, unless Henry tells him or Bob that Bill was bullying Peter which could result in Bill getting in trouble with his dad instead of Henry and Peter.
  • Mum and Dad are absent in this episode.


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