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28 October 2007 (Sunday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Katherine Sandford

Horrid Henry's Sleepover (episode) is the twenty-fourth episode in Series 1 and the 24th episode overall.


Henry gets more than he bargained for when he agrees to a sleepover at New Nick's house.


The episode begins with Peter building a tower out of blocks in the sitting room, but Henry rushes in and knocks it over. Henry asks Mum if he can go to a sleepover. Mum asks who Henry's going to a sleepover with because everyone's already had him over. He flooded the bathroom at Greedy Graham's house, made the bed fall through the floor at Beefy Bert's house and spray-painted the walls at Rude Ralph's house. Henry paints the screen black, opening the title card.

Henry says he's going for a sleepover at New Nick's house. Mum agrees and tells him not to be horrid, but Henry says he'll be really, really horrid because Nick's parents let him get away with anything. That evening, Dad is taking Henry to Nick's house. He makes it clear to Henry that he doesn't want any midnight calls like the last time, when Henry shaved half of Ralph's head. Or the time before that, when Henry gave Moody Margaret nits. Or the time before that, when Henry gave Beefy Bert a Mohican. They arrive at Nick's house, and Dad warns Henry to be on his best behaviour.

Henry rings the doorbell and is greeted enthusiastically by Nick's mother, an opera singer. Nick's father, dressed as a vampire, also appears with their two Rottweilers. Nick arrives to greet Henry and introduces him to his sister, Lisping Lily, who is infatuated with Henry. Henry is repulsed by her and suggests to Nick that they raid the kitchen. In the kitchen, Nick throws a biscuit to Henry, but before Henry can take a bite, Rigoletto snatches it from him. Nick takes it from the dog and gives it back to Henry, who changes his mind.

They go upstairs to try something else. Henry starts bouncing on Nick's bed, but the bed collapses because it was already broken. With little else to do, they try watching TV, but they can't hear the programme due to the noise from the karaoke. Nick's Mum comes in and asks if Nick and Henry can be singing fairies in the karaoke performance. Henry decides he's had enough and pretending he's just noticed it's past his bedtime, so he runs back upstairs to Nick's room. Having run out of things to do (the dogs destroyed most of Nick's stuff) Henry gives in and suggests they go to bed. A short while later, Henry wakes up, and the karaoke are still performing. Nick says the radio sometimes helps him get to sleep, but Henry only finds that makes it more difficult.

Later, Henry wakes up again to more noise from the garden. Henry realises he needs a wee and nervously goes out into the hallway. He looks down the staircase, and his nightmare begins. Nick's dogs come running up the stairs and start chasing Henry down the hallway, which seems endless. It gets longer the further Henry runs, while a spooky voice tells Henry to run away. Scary renditions of Nick's mum, dad and sister appear from doors in the hallway. After the nightmare ends, Henry spots the telephone at the end of the corridor.

At Henry's house, the phone rings in Mum and Dad's bedroom. Dad answers, expecting the caller to be Nick's mum or dad, but is surprised to hear Henry's voice on the other end of the phone. Henry pleads with Dad to come and get him, ending the episode.



  • This episode is New Nick's first major appearance.
  • When Henry and Nick were watching TV, they were watching Rapper Zapper. However, its lines were very similar to Mutant Max's.
  • It was unknown in the flashback why Margaret invited Henry to her sleepover since she hates Henry.
  • It doesn't look like Margaret was different in the flashback, but it does give us a clue. Her mum was combing her hair, so Henry might have given her fleas.


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  • Greedy Graham's voice sounds exactly like Henry's in a flashback.
  • In a flashback, Moody Margaret's mum says, 'Come and pick up your son!', despite living next door.


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Horrid Henry's Sleepover