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27 May 2009 (Wednesday)
Episode overall
Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Dave Ingham Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff is the sixteenth episode in Series 2 and the 68th episode overall.


When Henry accidentally breaks Mum's perfume bottle, he's got to replace it fast. But how is he going to manage it without Mum knowing?


Henry sneaks into Mum and Dad's room to get back a box of practical jokes. However, after he finds them, he accidentally knocks Mum's bottle of perfume out of the window and spills the entire contents. Henry decides to ask Peter about how much a bottle of perfume is, but it costs nearly £50! When Peter shows Henry some things he has invented, Henry has an idea and gets Peter to make some for Mum's anniversary present. After the first few attempts fail with just some explosions, Peter finally makes a large bucket of perfume. Henry then has another idea: to sell the remaining perfume in the playground and call it, 'Henry and Peter's Perfect Perfume'. What they don't see, however, is the roses that they tested the perfume on dying. Soon their sales do well, with them selling perfume to Lazy Linda, Gorgeous Gurinder, Miss Oddbod and Sour Susan. Unfortunately, they are spotted by Miss Battle-Axe, who gives them a double detention after school. During their detention, Henry smells the perfume and realizes that Miss Battle-Axe is wearing it. Then, disaster strikes, as Miss Battle-Axe sneezes and all of her hair comes off. Peter suddenly realizes that they've got to stop everyone wearing it, including Mum! They successfully stop Linda and Gurinder wearing it and they only stop Mum just in time! They hand her a new bottle that Peter has made and she tries it. Dad tries it as well, but this time, the perfume grows hair all over their faces like beards and they both shout 'HENRY!!!', ending the episode.



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  • Rabid Rebecca is seen babysitting Henry and Peter whilst Mum and Dad are out, although Mum and Dad said that they would never hire her again in Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter.
  • In the title card, 'stuff' should truly be 'Stuff'.


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