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17 November 2006 (Friday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Rebecca Stevens

Horrid Henry's Sports Day (episode) is the sixth episode in Series 1 and the 6th episode overall.


It's sports day - Henry's least favourite day of the year, made worse when he finds out who he has to pair up with in the three-legged race.


Horrid Henry and Rude Ralph were having an arm wrestling, but Miss Battle-Axe shouts at Henry and asked what did she say about tomorrow. Henry's guest school will be closed, and everyone stays home watching TV and eating sweets, but Miss Battle-Axe was wrong. She was saying tomorrow was Sports Day. Then Henry realised tomorrow was Sports Day and shouted 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Henry was home at the backyard tied up Peter and doing the rain dance. Mum asked what was going on, Peter told her that Henry was doing the rain dance and himself being sacrificed. Mum tells both of them they had to go to bed while she's untying Peter. Henry was hoping it will rain tomorrow.

The next morning, Henry was explaining why he hates Sports Day. While Mum and Peter were busy in the kitchen, Henry was pretending himself having a tummy ache. He tells her he can't go to school today just because of a terrible tummy ache, and he thinks he needs to go to the hospital. Mum was thinking they don't need to operate, then Henry imagines a scary nurse who will operate him. Mum knows he was just pretending, so he can get out of Sports Day. Peter told him not to worry if he came in the last place again. Peter said Miss Lovely thinks it's not winning that counts, it's how you play the game. Then Henry turned into an octopus and attacks Peter. Mum shouted, 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'. Mum told Peter his eggs are done, so Mum was going to comb Peter's hair. Henry switched the eggs, to the other eggs in the fridge that wasn't boiled.

While everyone in school was getting ready for sports day, Henry was eating his sweet treats. Al came by and told Henry sweet treats are bad. Al tells him he been training for the 400 Meter race, and his dad hasn't let him eat any sweets for a month. Henry said that's impossible, but Al said if he has the wind power. Henry tells Al to eat a gummy fuzzball. Al was feeling to eat one, but Miss Battle-Axe announces that the Three-Legged Race was about to begin. Miss Battle-Axe asked Henry where's his partner, so Miss Battle-Axe chooses Margaret to be Henry's partner for the Three-Legged Race.

All the kids are waiting and ready for the Three-Legged Race. Margaret and Henry have a little argument, and they boss each other around. Miss Battle-Axe blows the whistle and everyone starts walking, but except for Henry and Margaret telling each other which way there going. Margaret fell on the ground and Henry starts walking. Miss Battle-Axe tries to stop Henry, but he wasn't listening. Margaret tries to get up. She then grabs Anxious Andrew to try to get up but everyone falls to the floor. Miss Battle-Axe tells everyone this race is cancelled and tells Henry she's wrong if she sends him home. Instead, he's going to be here all day. The rest has to follow her. Margaret finally gets up, but she tells Henry to pay after she spits out the dust in her mouth.

When everyone is getting ready to race to the finish without dropping their egg, Miss Lovely gives Peter, Ted, Sam, Bert, Linda, and Soraya an egg. Miss Battle-Axe announces everyone in the race to go when she says 'Go'. Everyone else cheers for them. Ted then drops his egg and he's out of the race. Soraya slips on the broken egg and hers land on Linda. She drops her egg and Bert and Sam bot slip on it. Their eggs land on them. Peter wins the race but he shoots his egg after that. His egg lands on Miss Battle-Axe. She tells Miss Lovely and Henry this race also cancelled and no one leaves until she finds out who brought these eggs. Henry can't tell a lie and then he tells Miss Battle-Axe Peter brought the eggs. Miss Battle-Axe then tells Peter to go home.

Miss Lovely announces Bert, Andrew, Graham, Margaret, Henry, and Al to take their places for the 400 Meter Race. Margaret then tells Henry she's going to beat him and he never wins. Miss Lovely then makes everyone race to the finish. Henry notices a trophy and he imagines being the winner of every single thing in the entire world. Henry then decides to throw sweets to everyone in the race. They then eat the sweets. It's time for Henry to give Al sweets. He then crosses the finish line and everyone cheers for him. Miss Lovely gives Henry a trophy for winning the school's 400 Meter Race.

Back home from school, Henry sees Peter crying because he can't tell Mum he didn't win anything. Henry gives Peter his trophy, but the other one is his. He took his trophy and tells him the race is cancelled. Henry's trophy is now Peter's. He tells him he has two weeks of pocket money to give to him. Mum comes outside and sees Peter and Henry their trophy. She then kisses both of them. He then tells the audience that Peter said it's not winning that counts, but it's how he plays the game. He then shouts 'The winner!', ending the episode.





There are currently 15 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Sports Day (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Miss Battle-Axe says, 'Provided it doesn't rain, of course.', Spotless Sam and Tidy Ted are in the background.
  • When Mum tells Henry and Peter to go to bed for sports day, it's not even night.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe blew the whistle and everyone started walking, in the background, Singing Soraya is not wearing her sports clothes.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe yells, 'Who brought those eggs!?', an egg drip on her head has frozen.
  • When Henry says, 'This is more like it.', his mouth isn't moving.
  • In the three-legged race, when Miss Battle-Axe shouts, 'Stop!' the second time, Ralph and William are behind Henry and Margaret, but when Margaret grabs Andrew's leg, he and Susan are behind them.
  • Ralph's hair looks different in this scene shot when he's cheering in the egg and spoon race.

    Notices Ralph's Hair

  • When Ted drops his egg, Brian in the background has white shorts.
    A error at the top right coner .png
  • When Miss Lovely announces the 400 Meter race, Margaret is in front of Henry. In the next shot, Margaret was behind Henry.
  • When Miss Lovely announces the 400 meters race, Peter can be seen in the top right corner.
  • When Miss Lovely said, 'Get set,' Andrew is missing in the sense shot.
  • When Henry throws all of the sweets and they rain on the ground, Andrew's hair is brown.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe sends Peter home, he was in his sports clothes. But when Henry comes home with his trophy, Peter is wearing his normal clothes (since he didn't carrier bag with him).
  • When Henry throws a gummy fuzzball to Al, Peter can be seen in the background, even though he was disqualified.
  • When Spotless Sam and Beefy Bert slip on the egg on the ground, Bert has Spotless Sam or Goody-Goody Gordon's voice.


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Horrid Henry's Sports Day