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9 June 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Malcolm Williamson

Horrid Henry's Time Capsule is the thirty-third episode in Series 1 and the 33rd episode overall. Henry's mum vetoes Henry's choice of item to add to the school time capsule, and his second choice is not much better, but with the threat of losing his pocket money forever, Henry manages to salvage a better option.


Henry puts Peter's bunny toy in his class' time capsule. When he goes to get it back, he finds the capsule empty. Can Henry uncover the time capsule thief and retrieve the bunny?


The episode begins in the kitchen with Peter eating his breakfast and Henry playing with his slime. Mum tries to take the slime from Henry, but Henry won't give it to her, saying he needs to take it to school to put in their time capsule. Peter asks what a time capsule is. Mum explains that you bury a time capsule, so whoever finds it in the future will know about you. She suggests that Henry take something else, but Henry insists on taking his slime. Mum tells him to go and get dressed. Henry tries to take his slime, but Mum notices and makes Henry give it to her. Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', opening the title card.

Mum and Peter are leaving to go to school. Peter leaves Bunny on the stairs. Henry runs after them but trips over Bunny. Then Henry gets an idea: take Bunny to put in the time capsule.

At school, Miss Battle-Axe asks the children to put their things in the time capsule box. She assumes Henry has forgotten to bring something in. Henry gets Bunny out of his bag and hesitates, but Miss Battle-Axe takes it from him. Outside, they get ready to bury the capsule, but it starts to rain. Everyone runs back inside. Miss Battle-Axe gives the box to Mr Soggington and tells him to bury it when it stops raining.

After school, Henry asks Dad for his pocket money. Before Dad can give it to him, Peter runs in distressed, saying he can't find Bunny. Mum and Peter go to search for Bunny. Dad suspects Henry knows where Bunny is and tells him that he needs to find Bunny, or he'll never get any pocket money again. Henry goes back to school and sees that the capsule has already been buried, so he enlists the help of Ralph, Al, and Bert.

At sunset, they go back and dig for 'buried treasure'. Al finds something, but it's an empty time capsule. They keep digging, but they only find more empty boxes. Since the four boys didn't get the buried treasure, Ralph says, 'I'm going home. Thanks for nothing.'. Henry says that the capsules are empty because there's no treasure!

The next morning, Peter is still upset about losing Bunny. Henry suggests he's been kidnapped by aliens and imagines them playing with it. Dad reminds Henry that he won't get any pocket money if he doesn't find Bunny.

At school, Miss Battle-Axe and the class are surveying the dug-up patch of soil and empty boxes. Henry suggests they bury another capsule to show that they won't give in to whoever stole from the others. Miss Battle-Axe praises Henry and the children reluctantly add their things to it, with Henry putting in his slime. Miss Battle-Axe gives Henry a gold star, but Henry adds it to the capsule too. They bury the new capsule.

That evening, Henry goes back to the school to see what happens to the capsule. Someone wearing a dark cloak arrives with a spade and begins to dig up the capsule. Henry chases the stranger, who reveals herself as Miss Oddbod. She tells him that she likes to keep a souvenir of all the children who attend the school, so she takes home the items from the time capsules and reburies the box. She agrees to give Bunny back to Henry.

The following day, Miss Battle-Axe comes to the house. She gives Mum Henry's slime, and Henry runs towards the kitchen and gives Bunny to Peter. Peter was happy, and Henry asked Dad if he can have his pocket money now. Dad tries to give Henry his pocket money, but Mum comes in and tells Henry what that is. She says that he arranged for the time capsules to be dug up when he was looking for Bunny. Mum yells at Henry, saying that it'll cost them a lot of money to plant everything again. Dad says that as a result, Henry won't be getting any pocket money for a very long time. Henry screams, 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • This episode marks the first appearance of New Nick, although his name isn't revealed until his first major role in Horrid Henry's Sleepover.


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  • When Henry transforms into Horrid Crocodile and chases Peter, the fridge shows a longer way than the tables.
  • When Henry and Ralph sing, 'Not in a million, trillion years!', Ralph's zip is purple.


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Horrid Henry's Time Capsule