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Horrid Henry's Time Machine

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14 January 2007 (Sunday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Malcolm Williams

Horrid Henry's Time Machine is the sixteenth episode in Series 1 and the 16th episode overall. It is based on the story with a similar name.


When Horrid Henry turns into a time traveller, it's back to the future for Peter - with disastrous results.


Henry tricks Peter into believing a cardboard box is a time machine, and he's in the future. He makes chemical stuff and gives him Mum's dress to wear and a drink. Henry makes some noises; he disguised himself and speaks into arg language. When Peter goes outside, Moody Margaret and Sour Susan saw him in a dress. The girls laughed at him because he's acting weird and told them that Henry helped him come to the future, but they laughed at him even more. Peter tried to get inside, but Henry held on the handle of the door, so he goes to the front door. Henry hides in the living room when he saw someone coming, but it was Mum. Peter knocks on the door, and Mum lets him inside. She asked him what's going on, and he told her it was Henry who got him into this mess. Mum calls Henry over, and she sends him to his room and banned him from TV for the rest of the day. Then the doorbell rang. Peter opens the door, and it was Miss Lovely here to talk about the school play costumes Mum reminded early, and she sees him in his costume ready for the school play. Peter says yes to her. Although Henry was sent to his room when Miss Lovely sees him in a costume as well, and she insisted he should be in the school play too, but Henry refused to do it in front of everyone. Moody Margaret and Sour Susan arrived, and they told him that his role will be the ugly sister, and they laughed, but Henry was furious and shouts: 'NOOOO!!!', ending the episode.




Peter's red lips are gone.

There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Time Machine. Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Margaret and Susan came to Henry's front door, telling him the perfect part in the school play, Peter's red lips are gone.
  • When Henry transforms, Peter drops some stuff on the floor, but when Mum comes in, it disappeared.
  • When Henry (Old Henry) mentions about Everybody 'talks in Ugh language', during in the imagination, it shows the classmates in where they sit. However, when it cuts to where Margaret knows the answer, the students change their positions in where they sit.
    • Al's leg was clipped when Margaret knows the answer.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe says, 'Egh ugh lalinyub', her collar color is the same as her jacket's.


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Horrid Henry's Time Machine