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Horrid Henry's Underpants (episode)

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2 June 2007 (Saturday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Alan MacDonald

Horrid Henry's Underpants (episode) is the thirty-ninth episode in Series 1 and the 39th episode overall.


Horrid Henry accidentally wears a pair of Great Aunt Greta's underwear to school on the day that his friends are looking for revenge. Can Henry keep his trousers up all day?


The episode starts with Henry getting out of school and saw Ralph, Al, and Bert saying that it's payback time for him. Henry says that he can't stop, but they've got a score to settle. Then, there's flashbacks of Henry pulling Al's, Bert's, and Ralph's trousers, revealing their underwear. Ralph tells Henry it's his turn, and Al asks Henry, 'Yeah. Who's laughing now?', but Bert only says, 'I dunno.'. Henry claims Miss Battle-Axe and Miss Oddbod are coming this way, but after that trick doesn’t work, Henry says it's only his mum, which isn’t a lie. Mum tells him to hurry up and Hipulls Ralph, Al and Bert's trousers again, revealing their boxers shorts. Henry says, 'Nobody catches Henry with his trousers down. NOBODY!!!', opening the title card.

Later in the house, Henry received a gift from Great Aunt Greta, and found out that it was pink underwear much to his disgust. Later, Margaret arrived to get her dungeon drinks kit from Henry, she never knew that he was hiding his pink underwear and fell off to the stairs and later got back her kit.

The next day, in class Ralph, Al and Bert told Henry that it will be payback time during break, but Henry makes faces at them but, fell off as Miss Battle-Axe reminds him to sit down as the class laughs at him and found out that he is wearing Great Aunt Greta's underwear and told Miss Battle-Axe that he will go to the toilet. Later, he got Peter and they went to the toilet to swap underwear but Peter refuses, causing Henry to transform into a gorilla but Tiny Peter laughs and Miss Battle-Axe catches them, but not long after he hid the pink underwear Great Aunt Greta gave him.

During art class, Henry was reminded by Ralph that it's almost lunchtime and is set to get back at him, then Margaret arrives and asks Henry to let her borrow the yellow paint but Henry refuses, causing the paint to land on William's face causing William to cry very hard, Miss Battle-Axe told Margaret that she must stay in class for detention at lunchtime, blaming Henry who has an idea. Henry then broke the vase, but Ralph, Al and Bert try to tell Miss Battle-Axe that it was them, causing Miss Battle-Axe to send them out of the class.

Later during lunch time, Ralph, Al and Bert failed to pull down Henry's pants with Bert accidentally pulling down Miss Battle-Axe's skirt (which he intended to pull Henry's trousers down) causing Miss Battle-Axe to send him to Miss Oddbod's office as a punishment. Later that afternoon, it's time for games. Miss Battle-Axe told Henry that he can wear the pink underwear that she found in the boy's toilet causing everyone to laugh, causing Henry to scream, 'Noooo!!!', ending the episode.



  • This episode is the third time Dad was absent, after Horrid Henry's Sports Day and Horrid Henry's Time Machine.
  • This is the third episode when Ralph became enemies with Henry.
  • This is the first episode when Aerobic Al and Beefy Bert became enemies with Henry.
  • Margaret should have just got the yellow paint from another table, as seen from other tables.
  • When Peter's class are in the library, one of the students resembles Stuck-Up Steve.


There are currently 4 errors in the episode Horrid Henry's Underpants (episode). Update this count if you add or remove errors.

  • When Beefy Bert pulls Miss Battle-Axe's skirt down, you can see that her underpants are on the outside of her tights as opposed to the inside.
  • Miss Battle-Axe told Margaret she has to stay in the lunch break. However, in the next scene, Margaret can be seen talking to Susan.
  • When Miss Battle-Axe told Henry he can wear Great Aunt Greta's underpants, everyone except Brian is laughing.
  • When Henry says, 'Really?', in the background, Margaret's ponytail is the same colour as her hair.


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Horrid Henry's Underpants