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18 August 2012
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry, Money Talks is the forty-ninth episode in Series 3 and the 153rd episode overall.  


Follow the money, that is Horrid Henry's motto, even when it takes you into the enemy territory and you find yourself up against Moody Margaret!


The episode starts with Moody Margaret coming out of her house next door saying to her parents she's off. Margaret's dad asked her if he should drive her to school, but she screams: 'NOOOOOOOO!!!', opening the title card.

Margaret told her dad not to call her 'poppet' and sets off. Margaret talks to the audience about parents and shows them a magazine about a new mobile phone which she'll need if she is going to be a star. Henry comes along, saying that nothing will make Margaret a star and greets the audience, although he and Margaret kept moving the screen to each other. Henry wins because, after all, it's his show. His name is in the title. Margaret told Henry that she is going to become a star with a built-in studio, which made him impressed. As Henry enters the school, Margaret calls her dad to get the producer tonight.

In the next scene, Margaret appears in her Pink Tutu and was getting ready to show the audience. She asks the audience how she looks after spinning around. She says she does look good and pink really is her colour. She then does her breathing exercises. Her dad comes in and leaves. Henry was dressed up too since he's going to a star like Margaret. Henry walks downstairs passing Mum who was in Peter's room. Margaret and Henry were both ready to perform. Margaret jumps out of the cake singing a song about The Secret Club with Brainy Brian playing the violin. Henry comes in, and Brian says, 'Hooray!', but then Henry whispered, 'What are you doing here, traitor?'. Brian told Henry that Margaret would tell his mum that he was reading a Gross Class Zero comic instead of doing his math homework yesterday. With that, Henry says: 'What a mouldy old measle!', and he sings a song about the Purple Hand Gang. The two enemies had a singing battle together, and they finished it. Margaret's parents and Brian applauded them, but then the producer left the room, and Margaret blamed Henry for this.

Margaret's Dad told his daughter the good news the prouder said she is a superstar in the making. Margaret wondered what her stage role is and Henry says the wicked. Her dad asked her what she thinks but she gets angry when he called her poppet again. Henry leaves Margaret's house and then he saw the prouder with the money he's got which means Margaret's dad paid him to sell all that. Henry says 'Who said money doesn't talk?' and winks to the audience, ending the episode.



  • When Henry tries to sneak downstairs, you can see Mum's mobile phone on the floor outside Peter's room.
  • This is one of the only episodes Peter is absent.
  • This is the first episode where Brainy Brian's mum is mentioned.


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  • When Margaret said 'Secret Club, what do we do', the whole cake had disappeared.
  • When Margaret started singing the chorus, her fairy doll had disappeared.


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