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Horrid Henry: Bogus Babysitter

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8 January 2012
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Lucinda Whiteley

Horrid Henry: Bogus Babysitter is the twenty-seventh episode in Series 3 and the 131st episode overall.


Horrid Henry discovers that babysitting can sometimes be useful, especially when you're about to get into trouble, big time! Can Henry prove that he didn't do the trouble (eating the sweets)?


The episode begins with Henry talking to his mom. She talks about Dad sorting out an important appointment (his next game of golf more like), and taking Peter somewhere in a minutes which Henry mumbles 'Worm' behind her back but Mum said 'Don't Be Horrid Henry' to him. Then, Henry takes his comic and soda, and goes into the background. He takes his periscope, and peeks into Margaret's backyard. He sees her and Susan babysitting Vicious Vicky. She leaves the treehouse, and walks down.

While Henry is still looking through his periscope, Vicky peeps into the periscope, and says 'Henry, Hello!'. This is when Henry screams 'Nooo!' to open the title card. After that, Vicky goes through the broken fence, and into Henry's backyard. She asks Henry to play Hide and Seek, and he refuses. That is when Henry's Mum comes, and he tries to hide Vicky.

Henry's Mum tells him, that she is leaving. She warns him not to eat the sweets, or the 'contents of the fridge', like how he did last week. Then she leaves. Vicky overheard everything Henry's Mom said, and she says 'Chocolates, Sweets, Fridge!'. Henry asks Vicky, if she still wants to play Hide and Seek, but she refuses. Instead, she goes into the kitchen, and starts looking for food.

Margaret and Susan were in their treehouse reading magazines and drinking lemonade while enjoying their rest and relaxation in the meantime. Henry heads inside his house to find Vicky eating the tickly treats knowing he will get blamed for it. Then Henry tried to stop Vicky from getting the fridge but she opens it hitting him to the wall and eats the contents of it. Now she orders Henry to tell her where Mum's secret chocolate store but Henry refuses knowing he'll be even more trouble than ever then she attacks him.

Meanwhile, Margaret and Susan were enjoying their quiet and wonder how Henry is doing with babysitting Vicky while calling him 'Bogus Babysitter'. Vicky holds Henry down on the floor making him tell by letting out the drool from her mouth. As Henry calls for help, the girls pretended that they did not hear him and continued reading. Vicky pulls her drool back while having an idea and shows Henry his teddy bear, Mr. Kill in her hand. Henry had no choice but tell Vicky where Mum's secret chocolate are before she eats him. Vicky checks the bottom cupboard, behind the tins of carrots but Henry grabs hold of her when Fluffy comes inside through pet door and crawls back out seeing them. Vicky pushes Henry and finds the chocolate stash and runs out of the house as Henry shouts 'NO!'. Margaret and Susan were still reading saying that they did not hear anything that time.

Henry was worried that he was going to all the blame for eating everything in the house. He then finds Vicky in his fort drinking his soda, eating his own snacks and making his comic fall down. Henry did not want to play hide and seek with Vicky at all so she had another idea and sneaks through the fence to the girls' treehouse. Vicky knocks on the door and leaves as Margaret and Susan answer it. Then she climbs through the window and steals their snacks making her escape.

Later, Henry cleans his fort as Margaret screams 'We've been robbed' from next door. Vicky comes back inside and gives Henry something to eat when Mum yells his name knowing he was in trouble. Mum comes in to find Henry and Vicky inside the fort. Mum asked him what he was doing and Henry claims that he is looking after Vicky until her parents are back. Then Mum asked him if he ate the contents of the fridge and he says that he did not but she shows him something. Henry says that crimson cutlass belongs to Margaret and Vicky agrees.

As Mum heads to see over the next door to Margaret's Parents, Henry looks through his periscope to see them talking to her and Susan. Henry high-fives Vicky and lets her inside his Purple Hand Gang fort while he winks to the audience, ending the episode.



  • This is the third of the five episodes where Peter is absent.
  • This is the fourth episode where Margaret gets punished.


The transcript can be found here.

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