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Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter!

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31 October 2007 (Wednesday)
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Directed by
Dave Unwin
Written by
Allan Plenderleith

Horrid Henry: Happy Birthday Peter! is the twenty-ninth episode in Series 1 and the 29th episode overall.


It's Peter's birthday, and everyone is excited about celebrating it.


The episode begins with Mum combing Peter's hair and asking if he is excited for his birthday, while Henry was taking a bath. After Mum is done combing his hair, Mum tells Peter to help his father with the goody bags while Mum going to finish decorating Peter's cake. Mum told Henry she invited Ralph just to keep him company, but only if he behaves. Henry said: 'Well, I suppose the worm has to have a birthday once in a while.' and remembered the horrid things he did to Peter's birthday party. Henry giggled and shouted, 'Let's party!', opening the title card.

Peter looks around the decorations outside and Tidy Ted and Spotless Sam came holding their presents saying Happy Birthday to Peter. Henry was with Ralph, and a car appeared and came out Colin the Clown walking to Henry's House. Henry tells the clown that they already have a clown, the clown replied: 'Yeah, and he's standing right in front of me.' as he walk in. Margaret came and told Henry to get out of her way, she's missing out on her favourite TV show and better be jelly. Henry and Ralph ran to Dinner room, Henry and Ralph were surprise on Peter's cake. Henry said it's his and was about to eat it but Mum said 'No cake after the clown.'. Margaret asked where the jelly while Mum pays the clown for a magic show. Mum asked Henry if he got Peter's present. Henry told Mum it's upstairs, Henry and Ralph went upstairs.

Everyone was at the backyard, Peter opened Gordon's present and got a lion puppet, Peter tells Mum the present he opens are: a torch for reading fairy books, a pair of handwritten ear warmers, encyclopedia flowers, and a box of disappearing chocolates from Margaret. Margaret got shocked, Mum questioned about disappearing chocolates, Margaret said they've all disappeared as she wiped chocolate on her month. Henry and Ralph came downstairs holding his present, then Henry looks in living room and the clown hiding banana in vase. Henry and Ralph came to backyard giving Peter his present, he throws the present to Peter but he missed it and opens up a stink bomb which blows fart gas as it's filling up the backyard. Mum told Henry how could he be so horrid and tells everyone to go inside for the clown about start. Everyone else ran inside, Mum tells one more trick like that, then there will be no cake for either Henry and Ralph.

Everyone was in the living room, a clown popped out of a giant present and introduced himself 'Colin the Clown' as he tripped over. Colin the Clown asked where's the birthday boy, as Peter roars his lion puppet. Colin the Clown got frightened and asked, 'What's that?', Peter said it's a lion, but Colin hid behind the giant present and said he doesn't do lions. Mum takes the lion puppet and asked, 'Why not?'. Colin explains he had bad circus experience. Colin does his magic tricks, he popped up flowers and smells it, he sneezes, came up the ribbon in his nose and pulls it off, Henry whispers to Ralph wanna to hurry up and wants some cake. Colin's next trick is the disappearing milk, he pours milk in the new-paper shaped in cone. He opened the new-paper as the milk is gone. Henry sneaks near him, and said he found the milk being behind his back as the audience giggled. Colin grabs the milk and got poured all over his pants. Mum tells Henry not to be horrid, but Henry said he didn't do anything. Colin's next trick is the vanishing banana, he grabs the banana, puts it in his ear, and pulled it out. Colin now makes the banana disappear, he throws the banana and snaps it, Colin asked the audience if anyone knows where it went, Henry walks to the vase and grabs the banana out the vases, Ralph cheered. Colin got mad, Henry asked for the cake now but Mum said not until the show is over. Colin asked how clever he is and asks to be his assistant for the box of bewilderment. Colin said he will make the clever boy disappear. Mum bravos as Margaret and Ralph looked at Mum. Henry steps inside the box and Colin said: 'Allah Kazan'. The box opened and audience laughed at Henry wearing a pink tutu, Margaret said: 'Nice skirt, Henry!'. Henry said, 'Hey!' and Colin tries again, he closes the box and said: 'Abracadabra'. The box opened and the audience laughed again at Henry wearing pink shoes, Henry shouts, 'WHY?!'. Colin closes the box, and goes one last try, and said: 'Big Bang biggy boo!'. The box opened up Henry wearing a wig as audience laughed again. Henry gets angry and transforms into a lion, and Colin crawls off, Mum said: 'Don't be horrid, Henry!'.

Mum tells everyone it's time for tea, Colin said the show will continue after tea. Henry will never get the cake. Peter roars his lion puppet making Colin frightened and jumps in the giant box. Ralph shows that Colin doesn't really like lions which makes Henry get an idea, Henry whispered to Ralph. Everyone goes to the dining room. Mum told Henry no cake after the clown is finished. Colin walks off, and Henry and Ralph start planning and split up. Henry goes in the living room, peeking in the window. Colin was dressing up for his next show. Henry opens the bag cause and grabs the magic hat, he puts the hat on floor and a rabbit appear out in the hat, walking off, Henry found a purple bag with a key inside and pair handcuffs, Henry hid the key in magic hat, and set everything back. Everyone came in the living room. Ralph tells Henry he's done his plan too. Yellow smoke appeared and introduced himself as the Great Mysterio, and can escape from anything. He grabs a pair of handcuffs, a rope, and the purple bag and asks to tie him up. Peter, Sam, and Ted pull their hand and starts handcuffing, putting in the purple bag and tying the rope. He will able to escape in 12 seconds. Everyone starts the countdown while he was having trouble freeing himself, he jumps around and fell down, he realises the key was in the magic hat, as everyone counts to 1, he screamed, 'NOOOO!', and started crying. Henry walks to the door and realises a lion's escaped from the zoo. He points out the lion showing a shadow of realising a lion. Everyone started screaming and runs around. Everyone ran outside and Ralph revealed to himself holding a torch with a lion puppet; Ralph said, 'There's going to be more cake for us.'. Peter came out the living room and asked where is the lion. Henry said he scared it away. Mum came out in the kitchen asking what was all the shouting and where is everyone. Henry doesn't know and asks if he can eat the cake, and Mum replies, 'Yes.'. Henry and Ralph both cheered and ran to the dinner room. Then Henry, Ralph and Peter got shocked when they see the rabbit eat the whole cake. Henry, Ralph, and Peter shouted: 'NOOOOOO!!', ending the episode.



  • This is the first episode to have three people screaming the signature Noooo!!! being Horrid Henry, Perfect Peter, and Rude Ralph at the end.
    • This marks the first episode where Ralph screams the signature Noooo!!!.
    • This is the first and only time in the episode Colin screams 'NOOOOO!'
  • This is one of the two episodes when Henry says, 'Let's party!'. He screams this in Horrid Henry's Birthday and this episode.
  • This is Colin the Clown's first appearance, and the only episode where he speaks.
  • Mum bravos when Colin the Clown says his next trick is to make Henry disappear. This shows that Mum doesn't like Henry that much, much to Margaret's disgust.
  • Dad only appears in a flashback in this episode, but he is also mentioned a few times.
  • This is the only episode where Henry transforms into a lion.
  • This episode's airdate is one year after the show's premiere.
    • It's also one of the two episodes (not including the original episode) to air on the anniversary of the show's premiere (the other being Horrid Henry and the Terrible Teacher five years after the show's premiere).


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  • When Colin the Clown introduces himself, Spotless Sam has Tidy Ted's pants colour.


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