Horrid Henry Titles

A TV series based on the Horrid Henry books began in late 2006 consisting of a season of 57 episodes, broadcast on the CITV channel. Many of the episodes associate with plotlines similar to those of the book edition. The first series finished in March 2007, although re-runs continued to air. In December 2008, a new second series began production, which eventually began airing in February 2009. Two new episodes aired in Summer 2011 in the run-up to the new live-action movie, and the third series started on 3rd September 2011.


Series 1

  1. Horrid Henry's Hobby
  2. Moody Margaret Moves In
  3. Horrid Henry and the Tooth Fairy
  4. Horrid Henry's Hike
  5. Horrid Henry’s Tricks And Treats
  6. Horrid Henry Goes to Work
  7. Horrid Henry's School Fair
  8. Horrid Henry's Sports Day
  9. Who Stole Mr. Kill
  10. Horrid Henry's Christmas
  11. Horrid Henry and the Bogey Babysitter
  12. Horrid Henry and the Demon Dinner Lady
  13. Horrid Henry's Birthday
  14. Horrid Henry and the Time Machine
  15. Horrid Henry Goes Swimming
  16. Horrid Henry Eats Out
  17. Horrid Henry's Dinner Guests
  18. Perfect Peter's Horrid Day
  19. Horrid Henry Gets Rich Quick
  20. Horrid Henry's Horrid Revenge
  21. Horrid Henry's Sick Day
  22. Horrid Henry's Perfect Day
  23. Horrid Henry and the Secret Club
  24. Horrid Henry's Injection
  25. Horrid Henry's Time Capsule
  26. Horrid Henry and the Football Fiend
  27. Horrid Henry's Horrid Heroes
  28. Horrid Henry Runs Away
  29. Horrid Henry's Haunted House
  30. Horrid Henry's Hideo Video
  31. Horrid Henry's Underpants
  32. Horrid Henry Computer Whizz
  33. Horrid Henry Makes Some Money
  34. Horrid Henry and the New Teacher
  35. Horrid Henry Meets the Queen
  36. Horrid Henry's New Shoes
  37. Horrid Henry's Household Chores
  38. Where's Fluffy?
  39. Horrid Henry's Fairy Dance
  40. Horrid Henry's Horrid Hamster
  41. Horrid Henry's Diary
  42. Horrid Henry's Aquarium
  43. Horrid Henry Tidies Up
  44. Horrid Henry's Wedding
  45. Horrid Henry's Dance Class
  46. Horrid Henry Reads a Book
  47. Horrid Henry Trapped
  48. Horrid Henry's Sleepover
  49. Horrid Henry's School Trip
  50. Horrid Henry's Holiday
  51. Happy Birthday Peter!
  52. Perfect Peter's Revenge

Series 2

  1. Horrid Henry's Favourite Day
  2. Horrid Henry's School Play
  3. Horrid Henry and the Best Boy's Club Sleepover
  4. Happy Birthday Steve
  5. Horrid Henry Gets A Job
  6. Perfect Peter's Pen Pal
  7. Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plant
  8. Horrid Henry's Hiccups
  9. Horrid Henry and the Lost Dog
  10. Horrid Henry and the Name Game
  11. Horrid Henry and the Gross DVD
  12. Horrid Henry and the Big Dig
  13. Horrid Henry's Secret Surprise
  14. Horrid Henry and the Alien Invasion
  15. Perfect Peter Popstar
  16. Horrid Henry's Smelly Stuff
  17. Horrid Henry Goes Fishing
  18. Horrid Henry, Horrid Headmaster
  19. Perfect Peter Pumps Up
  20. Horrid Henry's Heist
  21. Horrid Henry and the Ice Cream Dream
  22. Horrid Henry's Petsitting Service
  23. Horrid Henry and the School Uniform
  24. Horrid Henry on TV
  25. Horrid Henry Cooks a Meal
  26. Horrid Henry's Happy Family
  27. Horrid Henry's Fun Run
  28. Horrid Henry's House Party
  29. Horrid Henry and the Walking Stick Gang
  30. Horrid Henry Gets Married
  31. Horrid Henry Untouchable
  32. Horrid Henry and the Green Machine
  33. Horrid Henry on Trial
  34. Horrid Henry takes the Biscuit
  35. Horrid Henry's Haircut
  36. Horrid Henry Gets Spots
  37. Horrid Henry's Summer Camp
  38. Horrid Henry: When I'm King
  39. Horrid Henry Takes a Shortcut
  40. Horrid Henry Changes a Nappy
  41. Horrid Henry and the Gross Question
  42. Horrid Henry and the Birthday Present
  43. Horrid Henry and the Zombie Hamster
  44. Horrid Henry Says Goodbye
  45. Horrid Henry, Ace Reporter
  46. Horrid Henry and the Antique Rogue Show
  47. Horrid Henry and the Go-Kart
  48. Horrid Henry Goes to the Movies
  49. Horrid Henry and the Killer Boy Rats
  50. Horrid Henry Meets TJ Fizz
  51. Horrid Henry Winter Wish
  52. Horrid Henry And The Perfect Pirate
  53. Horrid Henry And The Big Freeze Wheeze
  54. Horrid Henry Meets BB Silver

Series 3

The first two episodes were released as specials on CITV, on the 22nd July, before the release of Horrid Henry: The Movie. Sour Susan: The Movie. The rest of the series has been announced to air soon. As of 3rd September 2011, two new episodes air every Saturday and Sunday at 8:35 and 8:45; and an episode airs every weekday at 16:00.
  1. Horrid Henry, Rockstar (22nd July 2011)
  2. Horrid Henry and the Special Spinner (22nd July 2011)
  3. Horrid Henry and the Weird Werewolf (3rd September 2011)
  4. Horrid Henry Delivers a Message (3rd September 2011)
  5. Horrid Henry and the Perfect Plane (4th September 2011)
  6. Horrid Henry and the Time Manager (4th September 2011)
  7. Horrid Henry's Skipping Lesson (5th September 2011)
  8. Horrid Henry and the Climbing Frame Clincher (6th September 2011)
  9. Horrid Henry and the Winning Ticket (7th September 2011)
  10. Horrid Henry and the Booger Bogey (8th Septempber 2011)
  11. Horrid Henry's Horrible Homework (9th September 2011)
  12. Horrid Henry: Aliens Ate My Homework (12th September 2011)
  13. Horrid Henry: Grown Up (13th September 2011)
  14. Horrid Henry gets Rid of the Teachers (12th September 2011)
  15. Horrid Henry Saves Perfect Peter (23rd April 2009)
  16. Horrid Henry Goes To BMW and Mercedes-Benz Headquarters (26th February 2015)
  17. Horrid Henry Nothing But The Truth
  18. Horrid Henry Goes To The Park
  19. Horrid Henry And The Day Of The Dinosaur

Series 4

  1. Horrid Henry's Comic Caper
  2. Horrid Henry Knows It All
  3. Horrid Henry Does His Homework
  4. Horrid Henry's Hit Song
  5. Horrid Henry Rewrites The Rules
  6. Horrid Henry: I Am Not A Hamster
  7. Horrid Henry Plays Air Guitar
  8. Horrid Henry and the Purple Pass

Series 5