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Horrid Henry is the main character of the titular book series. He was created by Francesca Simon in the mid 1990s, and was brought to television by the episode maker Dave Unwin in 2006.


Physical Appearance

Henry has messy reddish-brown hair and pale skin. He is 4 feet tall.


He usually wears a blue jumper with a horizontal yellow stripe across the middle, blue jeans, and white trainers.

In the book Horrid Henry's Evil Enemies, the colours of his jumper are inverted.


Henry is generally more horrid in the book series compared to his TV Series counterpart. It's worth noting that in the TV series, Henry is much nicer, even if he still is horrid, and has a sense of morality, while in the books Henry has some traits of that of a psychopath and very few redeeming qualities. This may be because he is a few years younger in the book series compared to the TV series.


  • Whenever Henry is driven to the point of attacking someone, he will transform into an animal related to the situation (i.e. dinosaur, snake, octopus, etc.). These transformations are imaginary and are his way of displaying his emotions.
  • Henry and Peter are complete opposites.
  • There appears to be a popular fan theory that Henry has ADHD, dyslexia or ASD, although this is completely unconfirmed.
  • Henry's birth month is mentioned to be in February in the story Horrid Henry's Birthday Party. It never tells us the exact date, therefore, his zodiac sign is either Aquarius or Pisces.
  • His favourite colour is Purple.